Nurses are exposed to all kinds of traumatic experiences.  They are short staffed, caring for sicker patients while dealing with aggression, bullying and management abuses, often lacking support and appreciation. Being a nurse demands toughness, intelligence, and flexibility to handle unpredictable and dangerous situations every day. Even though nurses get better at tolerating high stress, long [...]

  Artemisia lowers blood sugar by activating the body's own natural responses. Several studies have shown encouraging results - a significant blood glucose lowering noted 2 to 4 hours after administration of artemisia extracts. Results improved with successive doses. Artemisia not only lowers blood sugar, but also provide long term vitality to intestines, liver and gall bladder. Improved [...]

A diferença entre meditação consciente e meditação de relaxamento   O vídeo clipe do Mingyur Rinpoche abaixo é sobre a meditação e como ela pode melhorar a vida no dia a dia. Não deixe-se enganar pela simples mensagem do vídeo. Na verdade é uma introdução a um universo complexo - o poder transfarmativo da meditação consciente. Antes [...]

  Everybody dies and dying is part of life. And the only sure thing in this world is that one day - we're all going to die. Even though dying is inevitable most of us have a hard time accepting our unavoidable destination. Dying is painful for some, but hospices can help by providing comfort measures that [...]

  If you are confused about your future you've clicked at the right page. I am you from the future, and this page is a message to you in the past. Don't believe? Read on... Have you ever seen the movie trilogy "Back to the Future" if you did, remember the scene when Biff gives himself [...]

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