Phanera variegata is also called Bauhinia veriagata. A distinctive characteristic of the bauhinia are its purple colored or lilac flowers. Another close relative which also contain medicinal properties is Pata de Vaca or bauhinia forficata that looks very simmilar to phanera but produces white flowers. Both plants have anti diabetic properties and both are from the Fabaceae family. Camel foot tree is [...]

  After a 6 hour flight from Miami to San Francisco we finally arrived. Nice sky and not one cloud in the sky; lucky me I hate low ceiling landings. The plane pull in to the tarmac and the passengers seemed irritated as they hurriedly picked up their bags and marched towards the exit, trampling [...]

The Fountain of Youth

  Amazing things happen to us unexpectedly - like a wild crazy wind horse it can take us to a new place where we are left vulnerable like a motherless child. Rare are the moments we are allowed to truly connect to our past and get in touch with who we were at one point. [...]

There is a easy fix for that problem - stop looking at your little screen    It's hard to believe how much crap the brain can process in one day. Between terrorist attacks, Donald Trump and the usual generalized madness - we are bombard with media events every single moment coming at us in multiple formats. We have traditional media, social media, [...]

Computer charting was a big disappointment to me - I miss pen and paper so bad...   Iwas about to start a new job and learned they had EHR i.e. computer charting - I was excited but that quickly faded away. I realized that computer charting actually made my work slower, more tedious and overall more difficult. Yes there [...]

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