Viewing: October 2017

How to Manage Jet Lag – and Save your Vacation

Jet lag can make you feel miserable and ruin you vacation, but there is a quick and simple fix   J et lag happens when we travel through several time zones without time to adjust. Traveling from west to east or vice – versa produces the worst jet leg. This problem occurs because we throw […] Read More

How to Prevent a Cold from Starting – get rid of it Before it Spreads

This trick has worked for me for years, it might as well work for you   C old sucks, and is one of the most annoying condition. Body aches, runny nose, sneezes, fatigue and complete utter misery lasting 10 to 15 days. Who needs it? But they happen again and again. You can’t cure a cold, but you […] Read More

What Kind of Tragedy Will it Take to Change Gun Laws in The United States?

Do we really want to go there and find out?   We have sadly arrived at a point when saying our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families…became meaningless and that should be something that deeply concern us. But something else is also crucial – how many more mass shootings will it take until we change our […] Read More