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This blog is a uncompromised celebration of what I like – but it is not about me; it’s about you. I do it because I enjoy and because I enjoy helping others. That is the sole purpose of this blog.

You’ll find a wide range of subjects from opinion pieces to informative health with the purpose of helping others. Medical and health articles are update daily. My opinion pieces are conversations with life that I hope, in some way inspires you.

This blog started as diabetes blog only. Soon, politics, health, nursing subjects begin to make their way. So I started two other blogs, one for each subject. I noticed it was too hard to keep many blogs with the level of quality I intended.

So I bundled all subjects into one and called MTspace. Blogging is a interesting art and I learn as I go. There are technical parts to it such as knowing about internet and how to put together a website. But the best is to research and write articles that can touch people and change their lives. The ultimate goal of this website is to help others.

I get a kick when I see people in remote parts of the world accessing my pages. I wonder what impact it is having on their lives? To know I might be contributing to make a better world means a lot to me.

Please leave your feedback on how this blog could be improved – thank you
I hope you find something here that inspires your day to day life and beyond. Take part and don’t just read – think, comment, contribute and share.
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