Time is an Illusion we Wrap our Lives Around

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ime is a fascinating but difficult concept to grasp. I never use science to decipher. I just allow imagination to do the work, sorry Einstein, Hawking but mathematical equations hardly matter to me at this point in time. I favor my ingenuous insights in hopes they will bring a spark to creativity. That’s much better.

When conjecturing about time, no one is too sure; scientists change their mind countless times never reaching a conclusion, maybe because there isn’t any. Time doesn’t go anywhere and there is not a destination where it ought to arrive at. Time doesn’t have a purpose either; time is like a dance which the only purpose – is to dance.

Time is a strange aspect to our lives. It is a vastness of nothing and we can only perceived it when contrasting it with the events we witness: our reality. Time just keeps moving on and never stops. Do we take time too seriously?

If we stop paying attention to the present; we most likely spend most of our time in the past or in the future. Without our memories of the past we would not know who we are, and with no planning for the future we would have no direction forward. We don’t know if time goes backwards or forewords. Time only passes because we see the markings in our skin.

Time passes because we age. We perceive time differently. Pleasurable times passes faster, and days spent in hell pass the slowest. The passage of time brings a tear to our eye as we see our world slipping away like sand in a hourglass. Time is change.

Time is the vortex of change. Time changes so smoothly we can’t see it moving. We can’t see where it begins or where it ends. For time, there is no beginning nor end. The simple act of observing time makes it change. Time does what it wants and trying to control time is as elusive as time itself.

To feel safe we take a picture of time as an attempt to stop it from moving. But a picture of time is an illusion within an illusion. Better stay in the present; time is eternal. Past present and future happens at the same time – at this very moment in time.

Time gives us opportunities again and again. They say time makes it perfect but I say, perfect makes it perfect. How many times can you begin again? As many times as you need. There are unlimited amounts of time because time is limitless.

Time is money: no its not. Kill the stupid who said that.

Do you have time to kill? You cannot kill time because time is not alive or dead. But time will kill you faster than you could ever kill time. If you don’t die, you’ll just end up doing more time.

And nothing can withstand the ravages of time. Even the most tenacious and damaging political regimes will succumb the test of time. Politicians, no matter how evil will be history with a few dabs of time.

If time never dies, our existence never dies. If time is deathless than death itself is another illusion. In the universe of time only changes exist; the moment you perceive it, history is made. You can’t ever catch up with the speed of time.

Have a good time!


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