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Find the Perfect Nursing Job, but First Find the Place you Fit in

You must find the right job – but first you need to find the right people   People. It is all about people. Finding the right working environment is more important than your actual job. This can be a challenge because in most cases we are not in control of comes our way, but we can make choices that will steer us […] Read More

Your Life is not a Journey – Relax, you don’t have to Arrive Anywhere

The timeless teachings of Allan Watts – a commentary   The existence, the physical universe is basically playful.  There is no necessity for it whatsoever. It isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t have a destination that it ought to arrive at but is best understood by its analogy with music. Because music as an art-form is […] Read More

Studies Show Patient’s Charting, more Important than Patient Care

The future of nursing is here, and its all about documentation – welcome to hypercharting   There is a lot of talk about nurses spending too much time documenting and charting. The chief complaint is that nurses are spending more time charting than with patients. However there is no evidence indicating that charting and documentation […] Read More

How to Find a Good Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Tips and advice on how to find the best living arrangement for your loved one   Nursing homes are places most people don’t think about too much. But suddenly your mom or dad can no longer care for themselves. You can’t afford to take care of them, you’re too busy. The complexities of care are now too much […] Read More


We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately Benjamin Franklin   The United States is arguably the most successful social political experiment of our times, and no other nation of the new world has accomplished so much, so quickly. But as with any experiment – it comes to an […] Read More

My 9 Most Favorite Annoying Things in the World

Irritation can be a great source of learning   We live in a world of stress. Nothing goes as planned, and once we get out of our cozy nest at home, we are bombarded with annoying things. Curved balls come at us from everywhere. On the street, at work and depending on our mood, just […] Read More

Love Will Prevail – this is a test, this is only a test

In order to have great positive reactions, we need great negative actions   Cheer up folks. There is no need to be gloomy and sad in the age of darkness and chaos. Light begins with darkness, and without darkness there can be no light. Everything is alt-right, at least for now. Enjoy the Grand Wizard magic […] Read More

Take Care of your Diabetes Permanently by Simply Eating a Delicious Fat Rich Diet

Conventional treatment for diabetes produce no sustaining results, only treat the symptoms. But the ideal treatment is within your reach   UNDERSTAND TYPE II DIABETES   Diabetes can be more than simply managed. If you’re looking for answers and results, you’ve found the right page. The information you’ll find here is simple, science based, free of charge and produce results […] Read More

3 Effective Ways to Fight Compassion Fatigue and Nursing Burnout

“The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet” Remen   Nurses are exposed to all kinds of traumatic experiences. They are short staffed, caring for sicker patients while dealing with […] Read More

9 Great Benefits of Writing and Keeping a Blog

A blog is a lifetime companion. Here’s is what you need to know to get started   Have you ever thought about starting a blog? If you did or did not, please read this page. It brings me joy, and I like to share this joy with you. Keeping a blog can be a lot of […] Read More

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