Why Bernie Sanders Age is an Asset And Only Adds Value to His Message


One of the counter arguments pundits mainly vociferate against Bernie is that his is too old. And this would make perfect sense if Bernie Sanders was a regular politician, but he is not. The fact that Bernie is 74 years old is actually beneficial to the kind of president he will be with the policies he is determined to bring to the forefront as the next Commander in Chief. His age helps shape public perception around the revolutionary vision and agenda he has supported during the many years as a politician. His record is long and his choices consistent making the his track record a long one indeed. This has everything to do with why his presidential campaign is a success too. What most pundits are not getting is that is not about Bernie, but what Bernie’s message, ideas that appeal to many and have become ever present in the public’s mind. With these messages, age hardly matters.

What the Washington political establishment is not getting is that age does not factor in when the ultimate message says: it is not Bernie the man who will change things, but the support and the involvement of  everyone (that means the voters as well) who can accomplish big changes together. As with any other establishment politician, it is always about “I will save the country, the economy and the world”. It really is a lot of continued egotistical B.S. that we are so used to hearing, we never believed there could be an alternative.

With Bernie the message is clear – I’m only part of this change; I’m only telling you what’s possible, I’m the communicator and I will provide inspiration for change but ultimately it’s you who will create this change and rally behind the ideas I’m proposing. This kind of message is so powerful it immediately switches the focus from the physical aspect of the leader and brings the focus to the ideology that must be transformed into action. Age then becomes an asset rather than a liability.

Whether old or young, a pathetic politician is just, pathetic. The fact that someone has experience doesn’t reliably tell us anything since we already know how politicians can flip sides and vote for opposite policies, sometimes at a blink of the eye. As Bernie Sanders has brilliantly said: “Dick Chaney has a lot of experience, but his experience is as large as his disastrous decisions”.

If a politician’s actions and track record are admired because there is no wavering on the general ideals and voting consistencies, then age becomes a gift. This only validates the honesty of his intentions. What remains is the perception that age is the proof of a strong and resilient leader who can be trusted and supported in his endeavors.

The rising phenomenon around Bernie is proof that nothing about his campaign is status quo. Being Jewish from Brooklyn and having a weird hairdo are all part of the process. How could anyone explain why an old guy like Bernie can garner support from millenniums? What about the grass roots support from the artist community? Age doesn’t matter because the magnitude of his agenda is what people are focusing on. In the end it creates a paradoxical effect where what should matter doesn’t, and what should not matter makes total sense.

People are finally getting a refreshing sense of humanity, something that has been missing for a long time in our political arena. How comforting and reassuring it is to be able to trust the old wise man from our village. Something we used to do for thousands of years. I think it’s all in our political DNA and we’ve been craving it but unable to realize. Is time we make all efforts to change a system that is rigged in favor of a few, but to the detriment of all the others.

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  • jmz4 Mar 21, 2016, 3:49 pm

    Are you not concerned at all about the fact that, if elected, he only has about 50/50 odds of living past his first term? The average life expectancy at his age is only till about 79. And that’s not factoring in the stress of the presidency. I know it’s a little ghoulish to consider, but I think if he announced who his VP pick would be now (say, Senator Warren), it might assuage some of the concern about his age.

    • Marcos Taquechel Mar 21, 2016, 7:37 pm

      The chances of dying are about the same for everyone. Many people die young and 70 is the new 60. Yes the stress of presidency is huge but I think he is such a remarkable person he’ll do just fine. Thank you for your comment.

  • Jacob Lageveen Mar 20, 2016, 6:38 pm

    I like Bernie Sanders alot. He is about the only person in politics who tells the truth. The only bad thing about Bernie is that he is still part of the democratic party. He should become independent right away. I know he wont get the exposure he does now, but when the exposure is done, he should still switch to a 3rd party. People know him now, they can vote for him. I hope he can change things, but not as a democrat, we will still get the rest of them too, like Clinton. And Clinton is just a slave of big money.

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