Bernie Sanders is Forming the Next Generation of Politicians

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2016)

Whether Bernie Sanders wins or not, the idea of real change have already been planted


For real meaningful change to occurs there has to be a strong desire from a vast majority – check. But the moment has to be right and all variables have to be aligned for this big change to come to fruition. We see formidable crowds showing up for Bernie Sanders and that can only spell one thing – there is a strong desire for change. Whether the movement has gather enough force go make it through remains to be seen. The status quo continues to hold its own. The dissatisfaction is increasing because real problems need to be addressed. Until this problems are addressed supporters of Bernie Sanders will continue to re incarnate in upcoming elections. Bernie have spread the seeds if anything. This is healthy and proves we still have a vibrant democracy.

Bernie Sanders took the “tell it like it is” kind of speech to a whole new level. He twisted the traditional way upside down. Bernie present the real problem right then and there, no apologies and no beating around the bush – this is the most refreshing thing that happened to politics in the last century. He makes you feel like your voice and the issues everyone is thinking about are being addressed out loud and in front of everyone. If that doesn’t get him elected at least will leave lasting marks in the mind of young politicians looking for a role model.

Perhaps one of the most important landmark Bernie has accomplished is the inspiration and joy that the public gets participating in the political process. Something pretty dead up to now or at least a process that is so conventional and stale it hardly mean anything to most people. This is very important because is only with the participation of everyone real change can take place. People realize that everyone has to be involved or nothing meaningful will happen. This is certainly a great Bernie Sanders victory. This is why things are poise to happen sooner of later.

If Hillary Clinton wins is most likely she will keep the course. The course to someplace I don’t know if it even matter. She might be able to implement some changes but for the most part things are likely to remain within the confines of what we’ve seen so far – not breaking barriers because they are too difficult. And that has been her speech so far. This creates a real problem because people are hungry to see something meaningful – and that is real change. People want to see results and are sick of politics as usual. Bernie has inspire a whole new way where people can be involved with politics.

Many are skeptic of a Bernie Sanders government. Many doubt his ability to changes things in Washington; fear of Socialism; fear that his numbers don’t add up. But if Hillary becomes elected and no changes are seen, disappointment will grow ten fold. For every innovation there is a period of adhesion and adoption to the new idea. First slow and only a fringe adopting it than moving on to larger crowds, until it spreads like a wildfire and every one jump in. If that becomes the scenario it will set in motion a desire to support the next candidate who will have a innovative agenda as Bernie does. And there will be one.

The phenomenal success of Bernie Sanders is being noticed as I write this page. Many young or not so young politicians are paying attention to Bernie Sanders and in particular what he is doing to the nation; they are internalizing his ideas. There are young charismatic politicians out there that will fill the void if Bernie doesn’t get in – change is inevitable.

When you see Americans protesting the rich you know there is something new in the air


In a way Bernie has already accomplished the revolution whether the results will come now or later. Because is it not so much about him but what he inspired in people all over this country and to some degree the entire world. Of course there is no one like Bernie Sanders and every individual is unique but there are also other Bernie Sanders out there that just have not been discovered or the time is simply not ripe for them. But time moves on.

Change is the only thing we can rely on. Things will never be the same and they change unexpectedly. This is very optimistic outlook, but why not. As president Obama said – I have more faith in the American people.

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