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How to Find a Good Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Tips and advice on how to find the best living arrangement for your loved one   Nursing homes are places most people rather not think about too much. But suddenly your mom or dad can no longer care for themselves. You can’t afford to take care of them, you’re too busy. The complexities of care are now too […] Read More

Take Care of your Diabetes Permanently by Simply Eating a Delicious Fat Rich Diet

Conventional treatment for diabetes produce no sustaining results, only treat the symptoms. But the ideal treatment is within your reach   UNDERSTAND TYPE II DIABETES   Diabetes can be more than simply managed. If you’re looking for answers and results, you’ve found the right page. The information you’ll find here is simple, science based, free of charge and produce results […] Read More

A Brief Introduction to Ketogenic Diet – How to get Started

Ketogenic diet can blow diabetes right out of the water and give a tremendous boost to your health   K etogenic diet consist of eating mostly fat, a moderate amount of proteins and keep carbohydrates to almost zero. The idea is that by limiting carbs and increasing fats, you’ll force your body to make energy out of […] Read More

5 Tips for Removing Broken Glass From Feet or Hands

If you can’t remove glass from your skin and it’s causing pain – you should read this article   You accidentally tip a glass off the counter and it falls on the floor. It shatter into a million pieces and now is everywhere. You clean it up the best you can but miss some tiny shards. Later […] Read More

Why Doctors Never Prescribe Food as a form of Medication?

Food as medicine is poorly understood by your average doctor   Even though we eat every day and do it several times a day; many people don’t pay attention to how food can seriously alter physiology and health. Food might be the most significant determinant for how healthy or how sick you’ll be in the future. Doctors […] Read More

Keep Track of Your Workout at the Gym – get Results

You Can Only Know Where you’re going if you know where you’ve been   Logging your workout on a piece of paper could be the most important part of your workout. Building your body is not easy, and in order to get results you need amazing discipline, motivation and a method. Going to the gym […] Read More

Every Nurse Should Fall in Love with Squats and Dead-Lifts

Why are these exercises so good for everyone – and specially nurses   A patient is sliding down his wheelchair. A heavy guy, not overweight but just a big guy. No leg strength so he was on his way down to the floor. Another nurse and I tried to prevent a fall. If a patient is […] Read More

What if saturated fats isn’t so bad after all?

What if saturated fats isn’t so bad? We might have done ourselves a disservice by not eating it   The most recommended diet right now in the United States and many other parts of the world is one low in fat and high in carbohydrate. Before the 1960’s however it was a different story. Butter, lard […] Read More

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Why is so hard to lose weight? There’s more to it than just diet and exercise…   Why is it so hard to lose weight? How many times you have heard people saying they work their butt off, lose some weight just to gain it all back later? Why can’t we lose weight when we eat less […] Read More

Best way to lose weight

The best way to lose weight is to let your body do the work   The best way to lose weight is to enable your own fat burning mechanism. Our bodies can produce energy in two different ways: by converting it from fat or from carbohydrates. Nothing new here, but there are some important details on how […] Read More

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