Conventional treatment for diabetes produce no sustaining results, only treat the symptoms. But the ideal treatment is within your reach   UNDERSTAND TYPE II DIABETES   Diabetes can be more than simply managed. If you’re looking for answers and results, you’ve found the right page. The information you’ll find here is practical, science based, free of charge and produce results [...]

The reason why doctors never prescribe food as medicine might be more complicated then you think   Even though we eat every day and do it several times a day; many people don’t pay attention to how food can seriously alter physiology and health. Food might be the most significant determinant for how healthy or how sick [...]

What if saturated fats isn’t so bad? We might have done ourselves a disservice by not eating it   The most recommended diet right now in the United States and many other parts of the world is one low in fat and high in carbohydrate. Before the 1960’s however it was a different story. Butter, lard [...]

Why is so hard to lose weight? There’s more to it than just diet and exercise…   Why is it so hard to lose weight? How many times you have heard people saying they work their butt off, lose some weight just to gain it all back later? Why can’t we lose weight when we eat less [...]

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