Everybody dies and dying is part of life. And the only sure thing in this world is that one day - we're all going to die. Even though dying is inevitable most of us have a hard time accepting our unavoidable destination. Dying is painful for some, but hospices can help by providing comfort measures that [...]

  Nurses are resilient workers ready to face just about any situation at work. New trends however, show that nurses are not getting the support they need to safely provide quality patient care. Having few alternatives, nurses struggle to provide the services they feel patients deserve. Lack of support create unsafe conditions, and not supporting nurses [...]

Computer charting was a big disappointment to me, and I miss pen and paper   Iwas about to start a new job and learned they had EHR i.e. computer charting - I was excited but that quickly faded. Computer charting made my work slower, tedious and overall more difficult. There are a few good features but on the [...]

  T he sexy nurse fantasy is beyond commonplace. Don't believe it? Just google sexy nurses and: Bang! One million pictures of women dressed as super sexy nurses will overtake your screen. Their dress and pose range from good-girl-gone-bad to vixens tropes ready to cater to your every need. They have a syringe in one hand leaving the [...]

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