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The Transient Keto Dieter Diary   I first learned about keto by writing and studying about diabetes. I knew that diabetes could be controlled by the elimination of carbohydrates, but the concept of ketosis was still a little blurry at that time. Slowly I’ve begun to hear more about it. I’m not diabetic or obese but I had […] Read More

Finding that Perfect Nursing Job, but First Find a Place you Fit in

You must find the right job – but first you need to find the right people   People. It is all about people. Finding the right working environment is more important than say, finding the perfect job. This can be challenging because we are not in control of what comes your way once you get a new job, but you […] Read More

Studies Show Patient’s Charting, more Important than Patient Care

The future of nursing is here, and its all about documentation – welcome to hypercharting   There is a lot of talk about nurses spending too much time documenting and charting. The chief complaint is that nurses are spending more time charting, than they spend with patients. However there is no evidence indicating that more […] Read More

3 Effective Ways to Fight Compassion Fatigue and Nursing Burnout

“The expectation that we can be immersed in suffering and loss daily and not be touched by it is as unrealistic as expecting to be able to walk through water without getting wet” Remen   Nurses are exposed to a variety of difficult situations that can be traumatic. Nurses are short staffed, have increasingly sicker […] Read More

Death and Dying and the Role of a Hospice Nurse

Bringing dignity and comfort to our final moments   Dying is part of life and one day – we’re all going to die. Even though dying is inevitable most of us have a hard time accepting it. Dying is painful for some, but hospices can help by providing comfort care that relieve suffering throughout the dying […] Read More

Corporations Damaging Health Care, Leading to Nursing Burn Out

Corporate health not helpful to nurses, patients are the biggest losers   Nursing is a stressful profession. Nurses work with very sick patients, body fluids, deadly bacteria, and viruses. They experience aggression from patients, threats of being sued, crazy long hours, and insane patient load. Other common problems are, lack of sleep, no time to eat […] Read More

When Nurses are not Supported – Patients are the First to Feel the Pain

Nurses are not getting the support they need at work   Nurses work hard and face difficult situations in busy working environments. With little help, they struggle to provide quality care. Lack of support creates unsafe conditions, which comes at a cost. Patients are ultimately the ones who pay it without ever knowing. Health care […] Read More

New App to Make an Easy Task Reading Doctor’s Orders – Meet the iGotit

Nurses may never read doctor’s order again   Nurses are always in a hurry and don’t have time to clarify doctor’s orders. But now there’s an app for that. Meet iGotit, the first scanning auto translator with ALT (adaptive learning technology) from Valley Tech Medical. You can install iGotit on iphones and Android OS. Scan […] Read More

5 Tips for Removing Broken Glass From Feet or Hands

If you can’t remove glass from your skin and it’s causing pain – you should read this article   You accidentally tip a glass off the counter and it falls on the floor. It shatter into a million pieces and now is everywhere. You clean it up the best you can but miss some tiny shards. Later […] Read More

6 Things I Hate About Nursing Computer Charting (EHR)

Computer charting was a disappointment, I miss the good ol’ pen and paper   Iwas excited about computer charting at first, but that quickly faded. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the biggest geek, how could I possible not like it? But computer charting made my work slower, tedious and overall more difficult. Today I think it […] Read More

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