“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great struggle decide to remain silent”   Donald Trump hate and divisiveness is a test; and if it doesn’t shatter everyone to smithereens’ we might actually end up in a better place. We can turn this whole ordeal into an opportunity and improve ourselves in the process, and how is that for being positive? [...]

Self-driving cars – soon driving themselves to a street near you   Welcome to the future – self-driving cars are here but the roadblocks are too. The debut of self driving vehicles is filled with controversy; why do we need self driving cars? Big start up investors have big plans. But some people are not sure if self-driving vehicles are [...]

“In the end of the day Socialism is American as apple pie, bought at a Wall Mart – with food stamps”   Bernie Sanders revolution has already changed history. With or without a victory American politics will never be the same. The concept of Socialism is for the first time regarded as a viable option; this is impressive. There is a problem with the word [...]

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