Corporate tax evasion and social unrest are two sides of the same coin.

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People will do anything they can to signal something is terribly wrong



olice brutality is on the rise and scenes of widespread violence against common people are commonplace. Simple infractions such as jaywalking, or any act of civil disobedience, is punished but there is an accent of brutally. There’s something wrong going on here and police brutality is at the center of this problem. The truth is that there is a widespread perception that the system is rigged and we are all being taken for a ride.

Let’s examine corporate tax evasion for starters. Everyone knows corporations are evading billions of dollars in taxes and all of this is being done under government protection or consent. Not only do we watch our money being stolen, but we actually pay the government to protect the rights of people who are ripping us off. Wow, what a concept. But people are not stupid, they are just afraid.

I used to have a feral white cat named Bianca. She was a very small and a very smart cat and she had a unique and effective way to communicate with me. It took me a while to figure it out but once I did, it became obvious to me she was a bright little cat. Every so often she would leave a hard small turd right in the middle of the hallway. I used to get mad saying, “She is a stupid cat and will never learn.” But then I noticed every time she would leave the turd, there was also something wrong (like I didn’t leave her any water, or her sand box needed to be changed). As long as everything was taken care of there would be no turd; if something was wrong, I would find a turd. Bianca could not speak but she could do something that could call my attention and it was very effective.

People don’t want trouble and people are not inherently bad. People don’t want war, violence, trouble, poverty nor to have to participate in protests. People want jobs, stability and to have a way to raise their families. People are inherently good. If you provide ways for people to work and make a decent living, then the percentages of violence and social unrest are only small fractions completely under control. It is only when things are not going well that people create trouble, because it is the only way they can communicate something is wrong and enact a vehicle for change. People will never quit until the problem is solved.

Corporate tax evasion in my view is the biggest elephant in the room no one seems to be paying attention. At least part of our government and the 1% isn’t. Corporate tax evasion is also a world problem. Added to that we have predatory capitalism. Companies that should have social responsibility are entirely out to make ridiculous profits which only benefit the most rich. Not only do these corporations pay people less and make folks work more, they also ruin the working environment for everyone. They create toxic work places where everyone is against each other and the mood is one of competition, suspicion, and provocation.

Police brutality against African-Americans is rampant, a truth as long as time. This brutality is associated with racial issues but is also associated with poverty. Black folks have been, for the most part, an underprivileged segment of the American population. But now police brutality is not reserved just for blacks.  The police are peons and are doing what they are told. When society is no longer equal and a few make all, and all are being swindled we have trouble. Laws lose their meaning because they no longer represent the people that they were intended for in the first place.

Social stability is one of United States greatest assets. People come here to do business and leave their money because there is social security. Predatory capitalism and lawless corporations are not only destroying the middle class and a peaceful society but they are also destroying one of our best commodities: social stability.

Why Are American Taxpayers Bailing Out Apple? – Thom Hartmann's Big Picture

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