Covfefe has Infected Millions of Americans – it is About Time we Eradicate this killer Disease

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2017)

America is sick with covfefe but it might not be as bad as you think – there are reasons to be joyful


Donald Trump has never lied about being a sleaze bag – he never lied about that. He gave us plenty of free clues and warnings. The New York City master peddler has bamboozled Americans with covfefe oil. Americans became infected and to make matters worse, many of Mr. Stupid out there would not stop slurping the Covfefe in chief. So much so, we allowed a nasty disease to take hold of the nation. Good job Mr. Stupid!

Try to understand the gravity of a covfefe infection, and by now most of us do. Covfefe is dangerous because once established, it spreads quickly. Stupids are most at risk as it attacks the brain. Covfefe’s symptoms are greed, hatred, paranoia, and fear.

After a person contracts covfefe, changes in personality are noted. Patients show signs of hating immigrants; have delusional episodes of a imaginary America when everything was white and beautiful; bouts of hatred can make the afflicted to commit crimes against people of different religions. Sadly, covfefe has infected many Americans. But, is Trump solely to blame for covfefe? He is, but not without our help.

We all play a part in spreading covfefe. We nurtured covfefe in a petri dish and without our help, covfefe would still be confined in New York City (where it once was safely stored in a golden tower).

Covfefe has a dangerous quality though; It grows if observed by the public. And mass observation is what covfefe got. Now covfefe is out of it’s golden tower causing harm to America and the world. Covfefe wouldn’t have a chance in hell 20 – 30 years ago due to unfavorable environments, today covfefe is sadly spreading. Many are bewildered and caught off guard.

We knew covfefe was dangerous but were allured to it. Look back 30 years for the trail of tears. Trump university; racist landlord; asshole who doesn’t pay employees or taxes; casino bankruptcy imbecile. Signs were everywhere for all to see, and it didn’t take a genius. We fell in love with covfefe and that was like kissing a virulent microbe – we had our fun, but now we have a stiff price to pay – but that is good.

Covfefe will run its course – there will be good at the end

Covfefe is here for a season and a good reason. Nothing happens by accident. Our collective consciousness is what invited covfefe in. We have a lot to thank for in this strange disease.

“Covfefe let’s us know there is a problem. We can either take Tylenol or address the root cause”

Our ability to fight disease is the measure of our strength. Without a reaction, the body does not know it is being invaded and perish. We will either die or fight. Getting sick is a sign of health, and our reaction to a disease is a good sign we are on the right track.

How covfefe is acting as a national tonic

Covfefe creates a political vacuum, and here’s why this is good. The disruptive quality of covfefe forces people to reevaluate their lives. Covfefe causes indignation, repulsion and purging. No other event can act as a catalyst for change like this. Covfefe masterfully creates just that. It is almost like covfefe was genetically engineered to do just that.

The covfefe is doing a wonderful job being the personification of evil thus uniting everyone to create the opposite outcome. The results are beginning to materialize.

State, business, and individual participation

Strong reaction mounts from elected officials to president Trump’s decision to exit Paris climate agreement, and this is a good sign. See the long list of governors and mayors  now leading the opposition to Trump’s nefarious intent to destroy the environment.

But more significantly are the action of 30 mayors, 3 governors, and more than 80 universities, and 100 businesses. They are negotiating with the United Nations to remain in the Paris Agreement regardless of the POTUS decision to withdraw.

This is simply without precedent and beautiful. Also, Mr. Bloomberg charitable organization is donating $14 Million over the next two years if needed. This would cover the budget costs which are part of requirements to stay in the Paris Agreement by the U.S. Government.

Single-payer health care passed in California

The California Senate just passed single-payer health care. A meaningful change in health care has been achieved. California leads the resistance, and if enacted into law, SB 562, a single-payer proposal will be a “Medicare for All” showcase for the rest of the states – this is simply without precedents. The California proposal still must be approved by the California state Assembly and eventually, by Governor Jerry Brown. I take that as a victory.

World environment

A vacuum was created by the dead end politics of Trump; this might be the ultimate benefit to humanity. His agenda is so odd, evil and against current trends, it create nothing short of a true revolution/revulsion. Trump message is that we should trash our planet so people like him could be even richer.

Trump’s draconian and reckless exiting from the Paris Agreement have already produced a whirlwind of positive change. Strange, but it makes sense.

Trump’s politics are so toxic it resembles a poison medicine designed the body’s immunity. Due to Paris exiting, the green movement in the U.S. and around the world are re-energized. Decades of faulty and globalist politics and big government have stalled many environmental projects. With the U.S. gov. out of the picture, there is a fresh and renewed interest from other countries and smaller organizations to become more participants. There is more room, thanks covfefe!

Political awakening

The same goes to each individual. I have never seen in my lifetime such acute politicization en masse. Covfefe gave us the energy to awake people from deep political sleep. Being creatures of comfort we hate to be disturbed. It is only when we feel threatened, there is urgency. Covfefe’s menace does just that. By now everyone is feeling the urge to participate politically one way or another.

Total covfefe healing

Not sure if being completely healed from covfefe is a good idea after all. I pray everyday that the Covfefe in Chief does not get impeached anytime soon. He is truly making America great again. He and his head quarter of evil are doing an excellent job reminding us of everything we don’t want to be, and every direction we don’t want to go. This is reverse psychology at a world wide scale. Please stay a while until we solidify the opposite of your agenda. Trump’s brilliance and best accomplishment are simply being himself. Happy covfefe!


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