Diabetes causes have its roots in so many different places

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2017)

Treat these problems and diabetes will fade away



iabetes is a killer disease and an old problem but in the past not many people had it. Diabetes type 2 is pandemic today so it must have something to do with our new ways of life. We can go on forever reading studies and listen to new theories. But the truth is that, the cutting edge of science is not able to beat diabetes. Science invented drugs to control it but these drugs only make diabetes worse with time.

You don’t “get” diabetes due to a single factor. There are many reasons people end up victims of diabetes. Yes, genetics plays a big part but there is also a reason why genetics became a problem in the first place. The same people with the same genetics didn’t get diabetes in the past, but they do now. It is astonishing that they have not found a cure or a way to reverse diabetes. What we know for sure is that our new ways of life have contribute as a trigger for diabetes. What if we try to reverse the way we think about our lives, starting with the foods we consume. What are these triggers?

If you just eat whatever is in front of you we can call that gamble. We should only eat foods we can actually recognize as foods. There is an old saying that goes – “if your grand mother didn’t know, you should not eat”. Yes, there are foods out there that we don’t even know what they are made from. Twinkies, Red Bull, marshmallows, and the list go on. So is the sugar or the junk? It is both but the junk is probably worse.

We just don’t know what all the chemicals are doing to our body. All the chemicals used to put these foods together is an assault and a treat to the integrity of our body. Some of us, the most sensitive ones end up having unexpected problems. These problems take a while to develop and sometimes they pass from mother to son until in one generation they reveal themselves as cardiac disease, obesity and diabetes.

What can you do?

You can start by preparing your own foods. Stop buying package foods. Buy wholesome ingredients. Learn how to cook. Enjoy cooking at home. Share food with your friends and stop eating alone. That alone can bring awesome changes to your life. When you prepare your own food you supercharge all the beneficial effects contained in foods.

Stop buying packaged foods because you don’t know what’s in it other then sugar. 80% of all packaged foods have sugar added. See the junk food industry does dirty tricks with these foods, the best is to stay away.

Stop using artificial products such as margarine. Use butter instead. Stop using hydrogenated oils. Use olive oil instead. You might be so used to buying foods with artificial coloring, and other chemicals, you might not even be aware of them. Start reading labels. Soon you’ll get a feeling for what is natural. It takes some work at first but then it is easy to discover the right foods to buy.

Move around

As we became city animals we became lazy. People don’t walk anymore. Cars and machines do all the work for us. Start by not using elevators, try short walks. Be more active. Walk your dog more often. Ride a bike. You might start with small things but soon you’ll make breakthroughs. Start thinking slow. Maybe we can revert back to somewhere in the past when we had less diabetes triggers. You can do it if you try.


Watch this video for a detailed tour on why our modern diet is destroying us




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