Education is the First Line of Defense when Treating Diabetes

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2017)

Education is more powerful than any diabetes treatment


Diabetes education is the best line of defense because it can prevent diabetes. Education can actually stop diabetes. Because diabetes is unlike any other disease our lifestyle becomes a major player. What we eat, how we live and even how we think can create stress and that can affect our health. If lifestyle can be change so can diabetes.

We can think of diabetes as something that just happens to us due to genetics; or we can think of it in terms of a complex weaving of lifestyle choices and cultural upbringing which involves what we eat and how we live our lives then there are more material to work with. If you let the medical establishment tell you about diabetes you’ll be forever under some kind of drug and the doses will only increase. Your diabetes will only increase.

We need to become very knowledgeable about our bodies but also about the disease. In a way we have to see diabetes as an opportunity to change who we are and grow. You have to become friends with diabetes and smile at it; get to know it intimately because in a way diabetes is trying to tell us something if you ignore it points will be added to your A1c test.

Diabetes in the beginning is just an increase in glucose in your blood and damage occurs with long time exposure. If this situation is allowed to remain it becomes more difficult to be reverted as the metabolism begins to change and your system suffers being exposed to high glucose. Diabetes in a way is trying to tell you that your body lost control of something, that some metabolic program in our body became corrupt. This program is used to manage energy or your body fuel. Your fist mission is to re educate your body on how to manage energy and thus reinstall the program and fix your metabolism; having said that is good to bring to mind that this works faster when you are in pre-diabetes or the first stages of diabetes. As diabetes progresses it becomes exponentially more difficult to revert.

These beginning stages can be very productive and the offer our best chances to make changes. You have to become a student of your own body and how your body utilizes energy at any giving hour of the day, after you eat, at night, when you are working out. You have to pay attention to what you eat but better yet to know how food makes you feel in terms of energy level. Glucose is energy and its powerful stuff, that’s why, is so damaging when in contact with your vessels and nervous system if it is left there in the blood for a long time, its rightful place is inside the cells where it can be used to move your body and to power all your metabolic functions. We have to get to know what is excess of energy and how we get the body to utilize it.

We simply ingest too much energy in the form of simple carbohydrates and too fast and we are not able to use it because we simply don’t need that much. Initially the body accommodates the excesses but soon is no longer is able to handle. So we need to either use that energy or start to ingest less glucose in a fast pace. So your job is to re educate your body in order to restore your original metabolic program; re install the system. If you just pay attention to that you’ll be amazed on how fast the body reacts and change occurs. The same way diabetes progresses it can actually be reverted but long term permanent changes takes longer.

Usually by the time you notice you A1c is climbing most likely this trend is not new and it probably has been going on for a while. The idea here is to change your metabolism so it knows how to handle your energy consumption, to know what your metabolism is and that involves paying attention to your energy levels after you eat and every other detail which involves energy expenditure and energy consumption on your daily life. You also need to get acquainted with your body and how your body works. Meet your liver, know about the liver and its functions in blood sugar regulation, meet your pancreas and meet your muscles because they are also involved in regulating your blood sugars. In every sense of the way you have to take charge of your health and that first thing is to know how all of that works together. But also is very important to know about the diabetes process and prograssion.

Become knowledgeable about this disease process and everything that comes with it. Read about it, talk to others and see what they are doing and what works. Know about the history of diabetes and find out how long this disease has been around. Is this a new phenomena or have it always existed? What are the genetic component, why some groups of people are more prone then others? All of these questions and the answer to them will lead you into more and more knowledge. Diabetes is certain a disease where ignorance is not bliss. I hope you have fun. For starters go to the gym and stop eating simple carbohydrates, if nothing happens immediately with your diabetes at least you’ll feel better.





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