How Can you Tell if you’re Being a Victim of Diabetes Scam

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The biggest scams however might not be from your average small time crook



cams are born out of the idea you can get something from nothing. So free money, free love, and diseases miracle cures are the typical word of the day. Diabetes is a perfect condition for scammers to thrive because its not a well defined disease and not well understood by most. In this murky waters is where scammer act.

At the end of the day if someone comes to you and offers an investment where you’ll make 40% interest return – don’t do it. I’m amazed of how many people fall for that, just watch the show American Greed. If someone offers you a cure for diabetes in 30 days, please don’t even read the add. I guess people fall for these kind of scams either because they want to believe so bad it is true, or maybe they are just too desperate.

This is unfortunate. So many with diabetes are hopeless and don’t know where to turn to for help. I see that every day at work. People want to believe so bad in miracle cures and quick fixes that the mind play tricks on you so you begin to see impossible things as actually – possible. I think the best way to avoid these kind of scams is to 1) become educated about diabetes and 2) become educated about the telltale signs of scams.

How to spot a scam

The best way to never fall victim of a scam is to be knowledgeable about diabetes. When you know the science you don’t get fooled. Scams are usually sloppy and they give themselves away if you just read between the lines. The website Death do Diabetes has a nice post listing these signs. Another good source is the site Diabetes Developments. There is a post there listing some of the sites targeted by the Federal Trade Commission and a listing of the main scams on the Internet.

There are many levels of diabetes scams. Please feel free send me a comment with other types of scam you have encountered or was a victim of.
  • There are scams portraying others scams as scams
  • insurance scams
  • treatment scams
  • supplement scams
  • diet scams
  • diabetes supply scams
  • 30 day cure scam

Scams: the good the bad and the ugly

But accusing others of scam can also be a scam; a more pernicious kind of scam. The most targeted are the ones who are serious about finding long term and sustainable solutions for chronic problems such as diabetes. The main scam then is the “diabetes cure” by simply implying the existence of a cure, you fabricate a disease that in reality is not a disease but a condition which leads to diseases. To me this is the biggest and most unnoticed scam of all.

I my herbal review I feel discrimination as if I’m a scam. The minute I bring up herbs for diabetes there is this instantaneous suspicion in the air. This in part is brought up by our indoctrination on how we should think about medicine. The message out there is “if is not within the medical guidelines, then it must be quack” This way of thinking also favors the pharmaceutical industry.

Let’s be real; there is a huge diabetes industry out there. Financial medical pharmaceutical websites will boast “Diabetes drug market will reach $55.3 Billions in 2017” and they’re proud of it. In the mean while completely oblivious of where this money is coming from: people’s suffering. So is safe to assume this same industry does not want any competition or any other sustainable way to control diabetes, with diet exercise or herbal treatments. So the status quo is metformin, glipizide, and insulin. Nothing that spells the word “natural” is permitted, or respected. But when you analyze what the guidelines and recommendations from the medical establishment are really doing for diabetes you are shocked to find, really not much other then keep you dependent of more and more drugs. Remember that most pharmaceutical drugs are made from plant compounds.

The horrible confusion to endure

I emphasize with diabetics and their difficult journey. Not only because they are dealing with this difficult health condition but because then don’t know who to trust. There is the low fat, high fat, the 30 day cure, the miraculous herbal treatments and the “doctors” that can cure your diabetes, and everything in between.

Without a doubt the most revolting situation is when someone is trying to take advantage of people facing difficulties. Sad but true, this is out there and it is not a new thing. Scams have been around for a long time. As long as there are those who believe in quick fixes, there will be scammers.

Do your home work. Become knowledgeable about diabetes. Know what is possible and what is fantasy. You will not be a victim of a scam if you are well informed. Experimentation is part of the scientific process. Keep an open mind and you’ll be able to access what is real and what is not. Please add your comments about your experiences with scams so others can be aware.

Thank you


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