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“One man’s journey to save his life became his passion to save the lives of others.”



n 2011 celebrity chef and best selling author Charles Mattocks was shocked and frightened when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He realized how little he knew about the disease that claims the lives of millions each year. He set about to educate himself. What he learned shocked him even more than his diagnosis. The numbers were staggering. The need for education and inspiration was great. Fearing for his own life he embarked on a mission to share his story with the world, this would find him on the front line of a war, a war not only to save his life but the lives of many.

Charles Mattocks could not have imagined the doors that would open around the world. Soon he was on the front lines of the fight against this pandemic. He wanted to share the story of the people he was meeting, their courage, their tenacity, their heart. He humbly says this film is their film. His goal to save his own life has grown to help save the lives of diabetics everywhere. Come meet the people of the United States, Dubai, India, China and more. Learn why this killer disease has become public enemy number one. Obesity and western influences have brought diabetes to over 380 million world wide and growing fast.

Half of the U.S.A will soon be obese. Fast foods and heavily processed foods are a way of life for most of us. In many places of the world traditional, healthy ways of eating have been replaced by diets that are killing people. Treating the disease with medications seems to be the first option given most people. Changes in lifestyle and diet are often afterthoughts. A high percentage of doctors, hand in hand with big pharmaceutical companies promote the medications. Looking for the “smoking gun” has led Charles to information that frightens him and spurs him on. He learned how lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies cost them a tiny fraction of the money that is pouring in. He wants to see some of that money used for prevention and to educate millions.

Charles simple idea of making a small local piece for TV soon found him on nationwide TV shows, written up in scores of magazines and creating diabetic cookbooks for the American Diabetes Association. But it also found him uncovering a side of diabetes that most people don’t see. With a health care system that does not seem to have the answers and big pharmaceutical companies making billions there were more questions than answers.

Travel with us from Charles’ home town ot Elmont Long Island to see what inspired Charles to never give up to Bombay India where there will soon be 100 million with diabetes. Be inspired by the dedication of lawyers fighting the big pharmaceutical companies. Learn why they fear diabetes may not be slowed down. Meet the doctors and other healthcare professional on the front line fighting every day to save limbs and lives. See the faces behind the numbers as you watch the diabetics who wake each day with fear and hope.

Diabetes will continue to be a death sentence. Unless we act now! Millions are dying, millions are living lives of pain. Diabetes is taking more lives than aids and cancer combined.This documentary will educate and inspire. It will bring you to tears. And we hope it will bring you to your feet to join us in the battle to create social change for diabetics worldwide.



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