The Sweet Smell of Defeat

(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Defeat Can be More Productive and Interesting Than Victory


Success and failure are two faces of a same coin. We toss the coin and we’re terrified when failure’s up. We are so determined to win we’ll pay any price for victory even if it spell defeat to others. But defeat won’t spare anyone and at some point it will come despise our desperate attempts to avoid it.

Defeat is like fear, everybody has it but no one wants to admit they are afraid. But along the nastiness and sliminess of defeat there are also precious hidden gems most people fail to recognize. Rotten decaying garbage will turn into compost which will turn into delicious fruit and vegetables.

Success is sweet and fragrant but it is also the very first step towards defeat. When we get our success we savor it and we keep it close to our heart. After a few moments of joy we forget about it and relax, we go to sleep. We even get a little over confident, thinking it was no big deal. Like a child who was given a new toy, first excitement than quick boredom.

We label ourselves “the winners” and we give ourselves a badge that says – I’m the best. But the moment we reach this glorious peak is all downhill from there. We become complacent and lazy and get oblivious about danger and indulge in self glorification and when least expect – defeat again.

Defeat is bitter and cold. It’s like a freezing wind blasting through a window on a rainy day. It tests every cell in our body and fills us with pain and ache. It’s a dark and strange place that makes us seek help and wisdom and find somewhere to go or something we can do. We seek to be nourished. We think of others who suffer, we empathize with their suffering because we too feel it like they do. We became proactive. We want to succeed and we know we are not there yet; we try harder. We became humble.

We become fully awake and aware of everything and everyone around us. Our hearts become exposed and it’s like being naked out there in the streets and everybody can see us and what we are truly like. There’s no longer the fear of falling for we have reach the bottom so there is peacefulness. How many amazing juicy things have we here?

If we make friends with defeat we get sad but we also get busy. We see clearly all the steps we must climb to success. We can also stop there and reflect if the path we’ve chosen is the right one. Whatever comes we should just hang with it. Success and failure are the same where one ends the other begins and the wheel just keep on spinning. If you can only join at the bottom the top will become the bottom and the bottom the top, is just a matter of time and chance.

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  • Moraes December 1, 2017, 08:45

    Eu acredito em que o sucesso esta na mente da pessoa, todos podemos configurar nossa mente para acreditar no sucesso e conseguir vencer.
    Todos somos capazes de nos superar.

  • Bruno Marx Neme April 12, 2016, 11:19

    I do believe sucesso and failure, are both on the mind… this article exemplify this very well.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Jacob Lageveen March 20, 2016, 18:42

    Some ways of defeat can be very interesting. It makes you evaluate things and find better ways to become succesful. That is a good point in all of this. Defeat can be a way of learning, and winning makes you arrogant and lose sight of the bad things about your strategies.

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