New App to Make an Easy Task Reading Doctor’s Orders – Meet the iGotit

Nurses may never need to read a doctor’s order again


Nurses are always in a hurry and don’t have time to clarify illegible doctor’s orders. But now there’s an app for that. Meet iGotit, the first scanning auto translator with ALT (adaptive learning technology) from Valley Tech Medical. You can install iGotit on iphones and Android systems.

Scan illegible doctor’s order and let the app do the rest. In a few seconds the app will translate incomprehensible hand writing into beautiful text. iGotit quickly analyzes and compares millions of doctor’s previously (horribly) written orders to a cloud database. iGotit works fast thanks to MDtypo© scale technology. iGotit is 87.3% accurate.

Time saver for nurses, life saver for patients

Per David Borgazio a consultant for Valley Tech, a Silicon Valley medical software pioneer “this app will finally free doctors from time wasted clarifying orders” said the industry insider. Instead of having to rely on questionable notes and simple handwriting, nurses will now read from type fonts on their smart phone screens. Orders can then be uploaded straight into EHR systems. Borgazio also believes that the app will drastically reduce med errors as nurses no longer need to guess what doctors are prescribing. According to Borgazio, the accuracy of iGotit is only possible by the use of two new technologies: ALT, and MDtypo scale©. ALT rely on a large database of incomprehensible doctor’s writing across the globe, and MDtypo scale© is the proprietary algorithm which classify the level of incomprehensibility of each order. The combined efforts of the two produces almost seamless results.

What is under the hood

Like Siri, iGotit learns from each time it is used. Ounce a doctor’s order are scanned, iGotit uploads it to a cloud database library, next the scan is compared to millions of similar orders until it produces a statistically safe medical interpretation. The system is intelligent and learns with each updated order. As the database grows iGotit get smarter thanks to ALT. The more illegible orders are written and uploaded the safer the system becomes.

iGotit also benefits from proprietary algorithm patented MDtypo scale© which allows the app to perform super-fast by quickly analyzing the orders and determining what level of the database it needs to be assessed, thus decreasing search time. The scale is based on a 0 – 10 values where 0 means no difficulty reading the order, and 10 is the worst written order you ever seen.

Some have complained that iGot it is only 87.3% accurate but industry analysts have rebutted affirming that illegible orders are 0% accurate and thus the increase in 87.3% is something to be proud of. Valley Tech have plans for future app releases. They are working to address problems in areas such as: patient pain level true indicator; patient’s behavior and attitude; doctors yelling levels.

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