Why do People Fall in Love With Drugs? Can we do Without Them?

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2017)

Drugs, sex and rock’n roll, have something in common. Drugs like sex have a irresistible appeal. Drugs have a unique appeal to humanity because they alter the mind and free us from drudgery.  But lot’s of people wonder if they should be getting off on them, or getting off them. Even if we momentarily think they are not harmful, over time drugs can cause all kinds of problems, unless of course you are Keith Richards.

Opinions are polarized. Some are definitely not users and will never be. Some have developed a long relationship with them and claim having no addiction at all – they are just fine with it. But people get defensive when asked if they are addicted, which is always a sign that they actually are. “A friend with the weed is a friend indeed”; its like being in love with a questionable person you choose to protect because that person gives you something special that is personally great for you.

Even though I have nothing against getting high, I also wonder if staying always high is a viable option to have on regular basis. The point I’m trying to make here is: do we really need to get high in order to be high? Meaning – to be happy, inspired, and blissful. Do drugs improve who you are as a people in the long run? And some will say that it doesn’t matter if you just get high occasionally. Of course I’m not talking about this occasional and casual thing. I’m talking about people that need to take a hit just to be able to enjoy anything at all. Of course if you are addicted to heroin you can multiply this conundrum by about 10 notches. Can you watch a movie without getting high? But this is what happens to a lot of people who are habitual users. So the problem here is dependency. Dependency is the beginning of problems.

Humans are bliss seekers. We want to enjoy our lives and feel something pleasurable all of the time. Our inability to obtain that everyday high lead us to add that something extra that will make it happen; this is where the whole thing gets twisted. And then why do we have to be such bliss seekers? If you can answer that you can answer the question about human addiction. So here is my question: what happen to us when we rely on a artificial source of joy? – our dear drugs. What happen to us on the long run? Is this a viable way to get the joy we so desperately want?  The problem is not even the drugs or getting occasionally high, the problem is when you fall in love with the drug because you rely on her so much.

I guess people get into drugs because it’s a quick way to turn dull moments into bliss. Getting high means we can unravel our tranquil and blissful mind without much effort. And by doing this on a daily basis we end up believing we are actually in control of our mind or we think we have achieved some kind of sustainable high mind and what’s wrong with that?

There is no problem at all and lots of people do it. But still you have to ingest that substance, that molecule that is altering your metabolism.

The problem might not be with drugs at all. The problem is inside our heads and our craving for bliss. Life is not always great and there are two sides for everything. Of course we only want to experience the sweet side of things; not always possible. So we go to our reliable little friend who can always get us off. We pay her and she is available 24/7 to take us straight to heaven satisfaction guaranteed. So what’s the problem with that?

It just depends on what your standards are. How high do you want your high to be and how stable you want your bliss to be. Do you go with the momentary bliss that have to be powered by a chemical or do you get the natural high. Of course the natural high is much harder to get so most people don’t have the patience to wait or to cultivate ways to get there. So the problem again is with our cravings. It doesn’t matter if is drugs, sex or any other blissful giving thing.

I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. Whether you do drugs or don’t, the mind is never free as long as it is are addicted to bliss. It will run us like a little dog after a treat. Maybe you don’t do drugs but you engage in other self bliss giving activities that are as far away from drugs as possible but the bliss seeking is the same. Some people get high on spiritual practices and that is just as addicting as drugs – so every craving has its own drugs to please.

Bliss comes when it wants. Seem like the less we expect it the more changes she will enter our life. Do I know a lot about that? Not at all. I guess you need a lot of practice of meditation in order to get there. It is attainable as long as you don’t let that also become a craving.


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