The Concept of Emptiness is Filled with Meaning

The concept of emptiness should be filled with goodness otherwise is just empty nonsense



he concept of emptiness should be rich and useful rather then just a blank stare into nothing. In Buddhism for beginners, emptiness is something often discussed. It’s a intriguing, strange, confusing and for the most part a difficult to grasp concept.

The beginner usually understands emptiness as if there was nothing there, or that everything surrounding us is not real, or worse – everything has no meaning. This last one if not well understood can bring negative energy into our lives. Thinking like this can lead us into depression and useless hopelessness.

The problem with the concept of emptiness is that it is unspeakable thus difficult to articulate and understand. I’m in no authority on emptiness, neither I am a teacher so my words are for the most part – empty. You have to find out for yourself. All I’m pointing out are my personal experiences and what I’ve learned seating in meditation. You don’t have to agree with me; please don’t. My concept of emptiness it somewhat as follows.

First off, the concept of emptiness is a very broad one. And if we are serious about finding anything real about emptiness we have to first define what kind of emptiness are we talking about. The first question should be – empty of what. Empty of meaning? Empty of matter? Empty of consequence? If we don’t define these boundaries it is all a silly quest. There’s the quantum physics conundrum where one’s argument can be made that all matter is empty because molecules don’t even touch each other.

Scientists are finding amazing things about the Universe. Same findings shows that our Universe is less solid then we think. We look out there at our universe and we see hundreds of billions of galaxies. Each one of these galaxies contains billions of stars; our eye can only see a fraction of what’s out there. Yet if we map everything we know in the universe, what we consider to be solid and regard as normal matter – it is less then 5% of the total density of the Universe. The rest of the universe is comprised of dark matter and dark energy which is intrinsically empty space.

That is all great but pretty useless to our daily lives. Don’t try this at home it could be disastrous. By firmly believing things are not solid we might attempt to prove it by crossing the street in front of a fast moving truck thinking it is not solid. Don’t do it. It’s all great talk but  useless. The other common concept is that things are empty of meaning. I think that is more useful but still one has to be careful with this concept as it can be easily misconstrued.

People read Buddhist books and conclude that events are devoid of meaning and therefore devoid and so they have no validity. Our next logical reasoning is to think that nothing matters anymore, or nothing is real. Why do anything – nothing means anything anyway. This is what I call the destructive approach to emptiness and it only leads to unhappiness and it can have tragic consequences.

Under this idea we may ignore other people’s pain saying that nothing matters or it is simply an illusion. Most atrocities committed by the worst dictators and mass murderers have somewhat been done under this guise. After the meaning is removed is easy to no longer care about other human being. It simply doesn’t matter anymore and killing becomes an easy task.

In my view everything is filled with real meaning but we are not able to determine the true validity of these events. In other words everything has meaning but we are unable to grasp its true direction because these events are dependent on other events. There is a viewer and a interpreter therefore there is never a conclusion and a final value to anything. So emptiness here is the impossibility of determining a constant value and a defining a permanent true. I find this to be very useful because it keep us open to observation and waiting for what comes next, and something always comes next.

I rather see emptiness in this way because it aligns with the building blocks of Buddhism which always emphasizes goodness of heart; something is going on we just don’t know, so we sit and wait with kindness.

So the concept of emptiness can be so interesting and leading us to unexpected changes. Because we don’t really know what is out there. Something we think is bad turns out to be good and the good turns bad. We will experience this again and again.

So when I think of emptiness these days I think of infinite possibilities we cannot predict. We live in this ocean of change and have little or no control over it. I think of events arising from nothing and then disappearing. With the ideal of emptiness there should be a component of acceptance to what is out there without trying to define it.

The more we drop our idea of understanding reality the closest we are from understanding the concept of emptiness and avoiding mistakes. Easier said than done but practice will help connect the dots.

I’ll leave you with the dancing lady. A very simple optical illusion but a beautiful analogy of how our perception can change inexplicably – Is the lady spinning clockwise or counter clockwise? If you stare long enough she will magically revert her spinning direction.

I believe this illusion can be fond in almost all interactions of life – by observing any situation in life without drawing any conclusions you’ll find out that if you stare at it long enough you’ll find that your point of view may have changed but the object still the same.




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