You Only Have 7 Seconds to Make a Good First Impression – That is Simply not True

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2016)

If you screw up the first 7 seconds, don’t worry you have the rest of your life to fix it



ou only have seven seconds to make a good impression; people repeat that without much though. Some say it is the first impression strangers will keep forever. Others say you will never have a second chance to make a great first impression. How shortsighted and superficial do you have to be in order to believe something like this? Yes you should be yourself and hope others will like you for who you are but that might take more than 7 seconds to occur – fist of all you should just be yourself. At the end of the day, please ask yourself – do you really want to know people who judge you based on a 7 second assessment?

I used to go along with this idea without thinking too much about it. One day I realize it is one big mistake to think this way. Now I almost prefer awkward first encounters because strangers might love you even more when they find out their first impressions were wrong. You have many opportunities to show who you truly are but it might take a lifetime to do it. If your good intentions are truly good, your continue effort to show who you are will pay off better then any first impression. What is the value of a first impression when compared to many years of solid actions?

I think the idea of 7 seconds to make a good impression is poor at best and deeply misleading at worst. How superficial do we have to be in order to think that in only 7 seconds you decide who somebody really is. What if that person was having a bad hair day, what if they simply didn’t sleep well. We should not judge people by their temporary appearances and so quickly. There is little forgiveness in that. We could be seriously wrong in our quick and shallow assessment and be missing the whole picture. Is like trying to figure out a whole puzzle having only one piece.

What if Jesus walked into your living room and took a crap. You most likely would call the police because you only gave Jesus 7 seconds. But if you knew it was Jesus you would dunk the turd in plastic resin and display it on your mantle. Soon to charge $5 at the door to a line of peregrines fighting each other for a chance to see the holy poop.

I rather give people a lifetime of opportunity to show who they really are, likewise I want a lifetime of opportunity to show who I really am. Its all about work, persistence and resilience. sometimes the truth, for whatever reason could take years to appear. We put to much emphasis on our judgment and we are often wrong, time will reveal everything. People lie all the time but they can’t lie forever.  How long did it take me to find out who I am? I certainly didn’t find out looking at myself in the mirror for seven seconds. Who came up with this concept anyway?


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