You Are Happy Now and Just Don’t Know it – Life is Shorter Than You Think

When you Think Your life is at its Worst, it Might actually be the best



e are insightful creatures and we know exactly what’s going on. We know what we’re suppose to be do, but often deny ourselves our inner intuition and warnings. We often reflect about our past and say – “you only know a good thing when you lose it”.

We often think we are unhappy in the present and we’re happy in the past, but when we look back in time we know that was not true. The true is that we are happy right now, but we only know that when we lose something forever. As we age and with every passing year we lose what we have. This will just keep happening until we lose everything or we just die. May appear to be a sad thing but this is life.

The gifts of life are not here forever or permanently. What we believe to be solid and stable can be obliterated out of our life in a heart’s beat. Friends and family, material possessions, can all vanish suddenly and unexpectedly or we ourselves can vanish too. When someone we love dies we are reminded of how impermanent everything is because we are reminded of our own mortality.

So the realization that we are happy right now and not in the future is pure enlightenment. This realization invite change and the appreciation that whatever state of being we are in – is OK. All events bad or good can be enjoyed because they are here to let us know we are alive and there is opportunity for change. Weather we think times are hard or not is irrelevant – the realization of the preciousness of our life becomes vibrant when we contemplate death. This is an interesting kink in life.

Death is one of those things we are just determined to avoid. Our biologic machine is designed to do just that. We are very good at living and avoiding death. When threatened by danger or disease our body fights and our mind is organized to avoid death at all costs. Death simply cannot happen, it’s in our program. Death and dying is this frontier territory we seldom go and when we do we try to stay there as little as possible. You don’t just hang around the dying for fun. So our contemplation of death is almost zero. We often avoid this subject because it is part of our biological self preservation program. But when we befriend our death, and look at it straight in the face death actually reflect our life. The more we realize our life is finite the more we can appreciate every single thing we have as we are still alive.

In essence the longer we stare at death the more it will reflect our life in a positive way. How do we do that? We can start by thinking more about death as a natural part of life and going there more often. The problem is that the moment we see death and dying we run the other way as far as we can thinking that death will not find us there.

We can only be certain of two things: we were born and we will die. Before you’re were born there was this nothingness. Slowly the person you are now begin to see lights and feel things, and you are begin to be somebody. Before you’re nothing and now you are something. You grow to be the person you are now and perceive everything to be solid. One day unexpectedly you get the game over sign and no one knows when that will happen.

Our body is given to us on a loan and we don’t know when the loan is due. Life is like we get into a small boat and start sailing deep into the ocean knowing that one day it will start filling up with water and sink.

We think  of our death sometime in a distant future. Even thought most people die in their 80’s we can die at any moment, we can die young and we can die healthy. We can be doing the most mundane activity such as going out for dinner and be decimated by some crazy fanatic terrorist in a night in Paris. We never know and all is beyond our control. Whether we die in a accident or we die of old age – our death is always waiting for us. When we die all opportunity ceases to exist and we go back to the place where we were before we were born.

So life is about opportunity. Anything that give us the opportunity to see, feel, taste anything is a good opportunity. If you think you have problems now and someone or something is messing up your life, imagine if you’re dead. There is no opportunity when you’re dead. Zilch, nada. There are some that will argue here; maybe we go to a better place or we reincarnate into another “better” life – but we just have to find out that for ourselves.

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