How to Prevent a Cold from Starting – get rid of it Before it Spreads

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This trick has worked for me for years, it might as well work for you



ommon cold sucks, and is the most annoying type illness. Body aches, runny nose, sneezes, fatigue and complete utter misery lasting 10 to 15 days. Who needs it? But they happen again and again. You can’t cure a cold, but you can stop it from spreading once you’re come in contact with the virus; first you need to identify exactly when that happens.

You might notice a scratchy sensations on the back of your throat that doesn’t go away. It is a familiar little lumpy spot. I know when I’m getting a cold because I’ve learned how to identify when is a lumpy cold.

A cold usually starts with a scratchy and lumpy spot and slowly moves up your throat going to your sinuses. Once it travel up your sinus, it spreads throughout your body leaving an achy body and a horrible sick feeling we all know and detest. The trick is to stop it from climbing up your throat. And there is a way to do just that.

There is an opportunity to halt infection before it spreads. The virus is trapped in the nasal passages, usually after someone inadvertently sneeze near you creating a 3 feet diameter spray of droplets filled with viruses. After you inhale it, your tonsils and adenoids trap and stop the viruses in your throat area in a attempt to get rid of them or block the infection. You can help your body to do this task.

Please don’t just sneeze out there. Do it against the sleeve of your shirt near your shoulder. This will prevent a spray of droplets forming around your head and infecting others

 Removing a cold mechanically

Not all colds enter your body in this way, but is a common case scenario. The trick is to destroy the viral spot before it has the chance to spread and go up your sinuses. This can be done by applying liquids that will disrupt the virus infectious process. Once the soreness and lumpiness are gone, so will the virus. This technique works most of the time and your success will depend on how early start and how persistent you are.

  • First notice if you have a viral focus in the throat
  • stop stressing
  • start drinking torrential amounts of water with vitamin C crystals, hibiscus tea
  • stop alcohol and junk food
  • bombard the viral spot with alcohol based echinacea and other extracts. Gargle with warm water and salt, and ginger tea.


Fill up a glass with warm water and add salt (preferably natural sea salt) almost to saturation point. Add lime juice if it doesn’t over irritate your throat. Gargle vigorously several times a day and use the entire glass. Gargle directly at the sore spot. This will not only bring quick relief from soreness and discomfort but will obliterate the cold virus spot into oblivion. By gargling with salt and lime juice you create an difficult environment for the virus to survive, establish or progress. This will take a little work but is well worth it. There is a lazy way however.


You might be on the run and not have time to gargle. If you don’t want to do all of that, there is a lazy way out.

Echinacea in alcohol solution is a powerful anti cold remedy if taken internally, but you can also use it to bombard the lumpy spots with it.  Echinacea woks well with the alcohol to obliterate the virus. I’ve been doing this successfully for years.

I simply fill a dropper half full and aim at the sore spot and squirt right in there. There is this immediate burning sensation (which is not for the faint of heart) and it burns like hell. Do it several times a day until you feel the lump is gone.


You can make it easier for your body to get rid of virus by drinking lots of water, and this is why. The lymphatic system is like a network of micro pipes running through your body. It is an important part of your immune system. Viruses get trapped there and eventually are expelled from your body through these channels. But it does that by flushing the unwanted viruses with fluids, and it needs lots of water.

Water usage by your body has a set of priorities. Your blood volume is the first in line. Your blood gets priority because it is responsible for your cell’s respiration and perfusion and needs to always have the same volume. All other systems are secondary, including your lymphatic system. But when there is plenty of water every system gets all the water it needs.

When you drink lot’s of water at one single time you basically flooding every system that needs water to function, all organs can do a better job. Your kidneys filter impurities with ease and your lymphatic system becomes a running stream doing a better job getting rid of viruses and bacteria.


While you are at drinking lot’s of water, add vitamin C crystals to it. Vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) is known for its anti-aging, immune boosting, and mineral absorption properties. In high doses, it becomes an ascorbic acid flush, a powerful cleansing agent, protecting the body from chemical toxins and infection.

Vitamin C also help damaged cells to regenerate. This is very important when you’re fighting any type of infection when lot’s of cells may be damaged or injured.


Hibiscus is rich in flavonoids, minerals and nutrients. The flowers have a fruity tart taste that makes hibiscus a popular drink both hot and cold. Hibiscus tea has lot’s of vitamin C. Hibiscus tea also helps with blood pressure.

Buy hibiscus dried leaves as shown in the picture. Prepare a strong tea by measuring a heaping tablespoon to a cup. Let it simmer for a half an hour. You may simmer less time if you just let the tea sit overnight, the longer you leave the better.

Other things that will help avoid getting a cold



Stress weakens your immune system making you susceptible to colds. When you’re under stress, there are strong hormonal changes affecting our body. These changes negatively affect your immune system. Your levels or cortisone are involved in a complex relationship impairing out immunity, see more in this study.

The first thing you need to do is to boost your immune system, by addressing your levels of stress. This can be done by drinking lots of water, exercising, eating nutritious foods and avoiding junk food. Easier said than done.


Sugar is terrible for your immune system. The more sugar you consume the weaker your immune system is. Carbohydrates in excess, have a similar effect. Cabs turn into sugar as it is processed by you body. The problem is that excess sugars or glucose increase insulin production. With chronic insulin and high blood sugar levels in the body, sets up the stage for inflammation which is the mother of all diseases.




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