Getting Old is Not for Sissies – and if You’re Lucky You’ll get Old

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2017)

The secret to staying young is to never stop doing what you like


One day you will look in the mirror and realize you’re no longer young. You age a little every day but there is always that one day you realize moment. Getting old is weird because you still think of yourself as young in the inside, but others see you as old on the outside. And that is just the beginning. But in the end of the day, what other people think about you makes little difference. You have to were your age like a badge of honor.

You look at your face in the mirror and there is a new person there. Is this the real me? Are we getting old in the inside as well? Because if we do, is time to do something about it. And if your body looks old you can still do something about it too.

Life doesn’t get easier, it gets harder. You should be wiser by now because you’ll need every drop of wisdom from now on. You for once, have the aging of your body but you also have the aging of your mind. Body and mind are connected. A healthy body should keep the mind young, and a young mind should also help keeping the body in top shape. As you accumulate years of life, your challenges increases proportionately.

People expect you to know everything and they will not cut you any breaks. Whenever you open your mouth, it better be good. Even if you are still learning, everyone expects you to be the source of all knowing. The most challenging part of getting old is that even if you don’t feel old, you’re going to be placed in the old bin wanting or not.

Your world dies; your heroes die; your friends die; your family dies. A new world emerges around you as you become obsolete. It gets harder and harder to keep up with the new times. The new is irrelevant to you and your old ideas and heroes are unknown and meaningless to this new young world. The young people now are as old as when you ruled the world. Getting old is not for sissies. Looking towards those who are doing great in their old age.

But uncle George is 91 and he is looking great. When asked of his secret he replied, “you just have to keep going”. The simple answer packs a punch of wisdom. Thanks uncle George!

The power of keep going

To keep going is the antidote for aging, nothing will get you through like keep going. But you must physically keep going. Your body has sensors that read signals. If you keep going, you send signals to your body that say: “I need you, keep producing these life hormones and other things” On the other hand if you stop, you send signals that your body is no longer needed, and you begin to shut down – you begin to die.

The young and the old

You know you are old because of the young. If only old people existed we wouldn’t feel old. But if we are successful at getting old, young people will have a different meaning. The young will welcome you in their world if they perceive you as a successful old.

The best reward for being old is to be revered and appreciated. It is especially challenging to be respected by the young. Competition with the young is fruitless. Give up all hopes of fruition.

The young knows somehow that one day, they too will be old. So if you are perceived as a good model for being old – you become an asset not to be discarded.

Aging well means you are comfortable as an older person. If you don’t, you’ll appear older. You should feel so comfortable, others may think that being older makes you happy. You’ve been around the block and it shows. You must let your self-assurance flow. So much so, younger wished they’re old. Old age becomes irrelevant at this point. Now you are aging like a exquisite and rare wine.


If you age well you should have some good things at your disposal. Money is one of them. By now you should have more money – hopefully. If you don’t it sucks. Because as you age it is harder to make money. If you didn’t position yourself well within the money realm. Tough luck. Money is part of aging well. Being old and pour is one of the suckiest things in this world.

Out of warranty

Getting old is like having a terminal disease and we all got it. We are no longer protected by the sanctity of the gods of youth. We are out of the warranty and mommy and daddy will not come to our aid. You are now – mommy and daddy and you’re on you own. Man up.

The dream

Dreams are young people’s fuel. When we were young we basically ran on dreams. Do you still dream? As we age our future becomes a very tight place, but it doesn’t have to be that thigh. This future thing is all in our heads, you don’t ever become a grown up, not until you’re 5 feet under. The trick is to dream while you’re awake.

Dreaming worked before and it will continue to work for as long as you keep dreaming. Lots of things can still happen and we should not limit ourselves. We limit ourselves by buying into the expectations of others and the limitations we create for ourselves. So, whatever you can do to keep dreaming – do it.

Old age sickness and death

If you forgot how to keep going and keep dreaming, you better start ASAP. We just don’t know how much time we have. Life is like getting into a boat in the sea knowing that at one point it will sink. We hope that it will be far into a distant future, but we just don’t know.

When time is up time is up. You return your body to mother earth and that’s it. But even if you make it through all the hardships of life to a very old age, eventually your body will begin to expire anyway, just like car parts it run out. We’ll become cachectic, sick and die. But death is our friend. We should think about it every day. It will remind us of how precious our time on earth is.

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