We can Turn Trump’s Presidency Quagmire into an Opportunity – Getting Actively Involved

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2018)

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great struggle decide to remain silent”


Donald Trump politics of hate and divisiveness are actually good if we look at it as a test; and if it doesn’t kill us all, it might actually end up doing some good. When the Trump ordeal runs its course we will either have improve ourselves or destroyed our country.

We are kind of taking Trump as a bitter medicine. People have a certain fascination with royalties. Trump is pure American royalty with a white trash taste appeal.

Nothing happens randomly my friends, and in part, Trump was elected because somehow we gave him the job. In the beginning Trump non-believers were sheltered behind the idea that this thing can’t happen here but as it did, what a hell just happened? took the place of the first statement.

Finger pointing was the next emotion: blaming the irresponsible media; the clueless and apathetic 46.9% of American voters who didn’t vote. It didn’t matter anymore – the harm was done, and now is on to work with what we have, and we have a lot to work with.

I see people pulling their hair and going up the wall in despair. Fear is everywhere, and as Trump appoints his cabinet we are even more mortified. We fear because our rights are in jeopardy by mobsters; white supremacists, and a hateful vengeful White House staff who are about to take charge of government and destroy everything democratic.

Environmental laws obliterated; harsh immigration laws; and every disastrous economic policy well known for its poisonous effects will be installed. Trump’s agenda is almost designed to go against every progressive trend we know. But is our hate and outrage that I’m interested in. There is energy there.

There are so many articles and blog posts written about the Donald, you could literally fill the Grand Canyon with megabits. This reflects the enormous need for communication people have in distressful times.”They say the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great struggle decide to remain silent” So this is a good sign, but also  a call to become active.

Right now, we know more about Trump’s life then we know of our own. This intense communication between people and groups create a cathartic outburst of participation in the political process and bring deep introspection even within our own lives; one that could help us bring the nation together for a talk.

We only know what people are really made of when real crises happen. This is how we can turn the Donald into an opportunity.  We should welcome his byzantine political vision, in fact the craziest the better. Trump’s roughness and boldness is our best hope. If Trump behaves normally or at least close to normal, there will do more harm in the long term.

The good thing is that Trump is a rouge individual, brash and impulsive and it will not change. Virtues some thought to be neat and decided he was good. So, Trump most likely will be reckless and push his evil and strange agenda at any cost. He thinks he possess a mandate even though he didn’t win the popular vote. He is also in a great position of power coming to office favored by a stable economy and both Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

Trump recklessness will be like a loud drunk crashing into a church party making it impossible to deny we have a problem. When we need, a problem solved, the first step is to admit we have a problem and we got an abundance of that. Then we try to understand the dynamics of this problem and then begin to constructively act and try to fix it.

This is arguably something that would not happen if Hillary were elected. Under the belief, we’re safe, our human laziness and tendency to do nothing would set in. This is not the case with Trump – he is a constant bucket of freezing water being thrown to our heads. But then there’s the self-reflection.

Trump becomes not only a mirror reflecting our nation’s problems and the times we are in but also a mirror into ourselves. It exposes who we are and what do we stand for, as we can clearly see Trump supporters for who they really are and what they stand for.  Trump’s victory fractured the nation because there was already a fissure there; Trump was like a sledge hammer blow to the crack splitting the nation into two tectonic plates and that is good because that is the true nobody was willing to see and admit.

I have personally witnessed the divisions it created in the workplace and everywhere else. A vote for Trump meant a vote for everything he stands for. Yes sir, if you vote Trump you are automatically a bigot, a racist, white supremacist and anti-environment person.

Many didn’t realize how serious their vote was and are somewhat puzzled by the reactions from the anti-Trump camp.

We can also thank Trump for making us see who we really are? (even though writing anything positive about Trump disgust me, I apologize). All of this makes us angry but this can be good too.

The ultimate expression of our anger is war, and at least we are at war with ourselves right now. A civil war can be just as devastating as any other war, and any war begins in the individual realm of dissatisfaction and discontent. We blame Trump for being a starter of such war but the war was here before he even arrived. Trump was only an enabler. Trump brought to the surface, a division that have been occurring for a long time. But we needed to come to this point just as we need a enabler to resolve a conflict.

One thing we can start doing is first take a deep breath and relax. Let things take its course and stop accusing others of being the bad and the ugly ones. Discord only brings more discord. In a way if we are serious about bringing any sustainable change we must have an open dialogue.  This is what is called diplomacy, democracy. We must leave our violent and aggressive instincts outside and start thinking how we are going to tackle this huge problem. “huge” Now is time for diplomacy; empathy; patience.  That is if we are ever to reach a settlement and work together towards any common goal. “United we stay, divided we fall”.

War is not the answer and never will be. But the good thing is that now we can have such real dialogue. We need to find a unifier. We need to hear from people who has the intent of unifying this nation.

America is not going to fall out of a cliff and die. We have been through many other challenging times and done fine. The pendulum swing again and again into the future. The only thing we must make sure is that we don’t kill our brothers and sister in the process and see that we learn something in the process so that each time we progress and become better and a better nation.  Have a good day.

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