Lower High Blood Pressure Without Drugs Drinking Hibiscus Tea

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Hibiscus for High Blood Pressure: How to lower BP drinking a natural tea


Hibiscus can bring your blood pressure down if your readings are around around 140/85 to 160/95 (mild hypertension). Drinking hibiscus tea for a two weeks can lower blood pressure to 125/70 or even lower. I used hibiscus tea for a few months and my blood pressure was so low I had to stop using it.

One study found hibiscus to be strong as coreg, a common blood pressure medication. In another study comparing captopril to hibiscus. Hibiscus reduced blood pressure by 84% and captopril only 79%. In yet another study hibiscus shown to have extra benefits for diabetics with high blood pressure quickly.

Hibiscus lower blood pressure in two ways:

  1. It has diuretic properties. The less volume in your blood the lower the pressure
  2. It works by relaxing the small arterioles and capillary systems. Hibiscus act as a natural angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. These are hormones that prevent blood vessels to constrict. One third of your blood volume is located in your arterioles, any tension there will rise your blood pressure.
In addition, hibiscus boosts immune function and provides valuable antioxidants and is loaded with vitamin C

Check your blood pressure frequently and record of your highs and lows. Pay attention to when is high. Most of the time is simply stress. Buy an arm cuff blood pressure machine, wrist machines are not as accurate.


How to use hibiscus

Hibiscus-for-high-blood-pressure.jpgBuy hibiscus dried leaves as shown in the picture. Prepare a strong tea by measuring a heaping tablespoon to a cup. Let it simmer for a half an hour. You may simmer less time if you just let the tea sit overnight, the longer you leave the better.

Drink one full cup of hot tea right before breakfast every day. If you notice that you pee a lot, and that is a good sign. You’ll note blood pressure coming down within a few days but the full effects are noted within a few weeks.

Drink the tea 3 times a day if you want to get a boost start to the process. The morning cup is the most important one because they have the most diuretic effect. By drinking a lot you’ll also give your immune system a boost avoiding catching colds.

Tea bags wont do it. You have to get the dried flowers which are easy to find online or in good health food stores, buy hibiscus in bulk.

I use a Chinese herb cooking pot but it can be done in any regular pan. I add about 1/2 gallon of boiling water to 3 nice and generous pinches of hibiscus dried herb. Let it soak all night and the following day too. The tea should have the appearance of a deep red wine.

A word on high blood pressure

Don’t worry about high blood pressure. The more you worry, the higher your blood pressure will be. So, the first line of treatment is to relax. People are afraid of high blood pressure because doctor’s have been saying – if you have high blood pressure you’ll have a heart attack and die. But that is simply not true.

High blood pressure is not what kills you. The killer are the diseases causing your high blood pressure. And even if you have high blood pressure, it can take many years until any harm is occurs

Don’t ignore high blood pressure. But one or two high readings do not mean you have a disease. High blood pressure could be due to different factors.

High blood pressure is a symptom of something and not a disease in itself. By taking medication and lowering your numbers might not be help you at all if you’re not addressing the problem.

Blood pressure fluctuate between high and low thought out the day, and that is exactly what it supposed to do. It is normal to have high blood pressure when exercising. High blood pressure is not an abnormality. Only if it doesn’t ever go down.

High blood pressure is not a disease and in most cases, is caused by stress. So, you better off focusing in what may be causing stress rather then focusing on blood pressure as the actual problem.

Dangerous high blood pressures also come with symptoms. If you have high blood pressure but feels fine, that is one thing. But if your pressure is high and you are having chest pain, feeling distress, discomfort, clammy hands or any other serious symptom, it could be a sign you might have a problem.

First you should go to your doctor to rule out serious conditions which could be causing your blood pressure to be high. If you don’t have serious conditions (and I hope you don’t) you might want to try controlling your BP naturally because that will also bring several collateral health benefits.

The other alternative is to ask your doctor to prescribe medication. Your physician will most likely get you started on a diuretic which is the first line of defense for hypertension but taking medications could quickly lead to more drugs such as ACE inhibitor or Beta Blockers.

The downside of these drugs are the side effects: drowsiness, low blood pressure, tiredness, fatigue, cough, lightheartedness

Lifestyle changes for lowering blood pressure

Drinking hibiscus tea is only a part of treating high blood pressure. In order to make a herb more effective is also important to exercise and eat less junk food.

Eliminate carbohydrates and sugary drinks or any other sugary foods. Even though hardly any professional sees sugar as being responsible for high blood pressure – research is suggesting otherwise.

Sugar can cause small levels of inflammation on your capillaries. These small vessels greatly  your blood pressure because one third of your blood volume is in this vascular system. The smallest constriction in your capillaries can raise blood pressure.

Stress can raise your BP fast because it constrict your capillaries in seconds. Salt will raise your blood pressure because it retains water by not allowing your kidneys get rid of excess liquids raising your blood volume and causing pressure to raise accordingly. However, new research point out that salt might not play a role in high blood pressure after all.

Exercise is important because it benefit every health need you body requires. Stress, cardiovascular tone, elimination of toxins just to name a few. Weight lifting offers the greatest protection against heart disease. [6] Doctors prescribe weight barring exercises to patients after a heart attack. A combination of cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises is the best.
Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) belong to the mallow or Malvaceae genus family. Hibiscus is one of several hundred species that are native to temperate, subtropical and tropical habitats around the world.

Species are mainly known for its wide variety of beautiful multicolored flowers. Hibiscus is annual as well as a perennial, and grows in sizes ranging from woody shrubs to small trees. The generic name is derived from the Greek word hibískos. 

Hibiscus is related to okra Avelmoschus esculentus a plant with anti-diabetic properties

Hibiscus is rich in flavonoids, minerals and nutrients. The flowers have a fruity tart taste that makes hibiscus a popular drink both hot and cold.

Lower blood pressure in 15 minutes

This is a interesting exercise and you can do it several times a day. Seat in a comfortable position, relaxe keep your back erect. Start your smart phone chronometer and let it run for 15 minutes. Breathe in with long and deep inhalations and exale slowly. If you took one time to inhale, take two times to exale. Breath through your nose. Do this for 15 minutes and than take your blood pressure – you’ll be amazed.


Blood pressure oscillates during the day and that is normal. When you are stressed, or when you perform strength exercises it temporarily goes up and then returns to baseline. Only when blood pressure remains high without reversing back to the baseline there is reason to be concerned.

If you have a blood pressure that is 190/100 and doesn’t go down you should seek medical help right away. Using hibiscus to lower your blood pressure have better results if you have mild hypertension associated with stress.

Check your blood pressure regularly and have a good idea of what your baseline is. Part of keeping your blood pressure in check is to know when it should be high and when should be at baseline.

Blood pressure left untreated for a long period of time tend to progress as your metabolism sets a baseline which tend to climb for some reason. I hope you have fun using hibiscus.




Dan is making fresh hibiscus tea out of fresh picked hibiscus flowers. Location: Darwin, Australia



A alternative view on blood pressure by Dr. Berger


Dr. Diane L. McKay discusses findings that drinking hibiscus tea can reduce systolic blood pressure. Bruce Jancin of Elsevier Global Medical News ( EGMN) reports from the annual Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association.




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  • Dhivya Rajesh October 31, 2016, 02:31

    Hi my husband has bp he is taking nebicard 5 mg for 1 year and past 2 days I am giving him hibiscus tea I am afraid will it interact with bp tablet??

    • Marcos Taquechel October 31, 2016, 09:49

      Nebicard is a bata-blocker. They works by causing the heart to beat less forcefully or slow down your heart rate. Hibiscus is a diuretic and to certain extent a mild vasodialator. Many people take sometimes 3 BP medications without any problem. Just check you husband’s BP if is too low you can reduce either Nebicard or Hibiscus. It also depend on how much hibiscus you take. One or two cups of hibiscus tea is not enough to have a strong affect on BP.

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    hibiscus flower ;what a wonderful herbal story!

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