How to Find a Good Book on Weight Lifting – A Book Review

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A good book is hard to find – welcome to the New Rules of Lifting


New Rules of Lifting (NRL) had an very positive effect on me. It changed my body and helped to change my life. I’ve always been interested in lifting weights before and had no idea how to do it; always ended in failure. I went to the gym lifted a few weights looked at myself in the mirror and left. To my surprise there were never any results! I had a weak back and knee, now I am impressed how strong they are. I see many guys who walk in and out of the gym without having any idea how to lift. I know exactly what that feels like; I’ve been there.

Lifting may appear to be easy at first but it can be deceiving. Lifting needs tenacious persistence and in order to keep you inspired you really need a guide. The great thing about this book is that it explains lifting to those who never done it before. It gives you knowledge on how to lift and keep lifting. There are a few building blocks such as body mechanics, nutrition, scheduled routines, and other points that are fundamental if you want results.

The very first idea, well explained is how weight lifting can be a natural part of life and our forefathers have in a way been lifting weights in a natural way. It all came to a halt after machines, petroleum and power started to do the work  for us. The other point authors Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove cover is that we need to simulate the 6 basic humans have been performing for thousands of years – squat; lift; lunge; push; pull; twist in whatever form we can. From these 6 basic movements is possible to build every muscle in the body.

These 6 movements are then crafted into cool routines that can be further customized and optimized to your heart’s content. Once you grasp this concept you dis mystify lifting and all becomes transparent. You begin to see that there is a natural way to lift weights and you no longer have to be associated with some stereotypes attached to weight lifting and the cosmetic BS. Your are lifting for strength and not to show off your muscles (although there might be some benefits to that). The book is also witty and funny and a joy to read.

Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove views on how and what to eat are compatible with my diabetic diet plan. Diet mismanagement is another is problem most people have when starting weight lifting. This is perhaps one of the most missed aspects of novices and dabblers. You have to eat properly and you have to understand the true caloric and glycemic value of the foods you eat. Energy expenditure required to build muscles will have a profound impact on your appetite and how you process foods. Again food consumption are explained in a very easy way so you don’t have to bring out your calculator every time you sit down to eat. Just like the concept of the 6 basic movements we are encouraged to think of foods in three groups carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The books also provides another important view on how do you exercise and how to keep a routine and most importantly a journal of what you do and your progress.

Guys come in and out of the gym pick up a few weights here and there and leave. Our bodies are very smart machines designed to save energy at the cost of everything else, we are machines created to keep our bodies leveled in every possible function and that is called homeostasis, so guess what tends to happen? Nothing. The only way to push our bodies to grow and change is to slowly introducing challenge and heavier loads in a way that progressively teaches our bodies to change. NRL also provides precise workout sheets and detailed explanation so when you walk in the gym there is a task to be completed so you don’t have to think of what to do next and can now dedicate your time and energy to lifting. Individual exercises get special attention so you  know how to perform them well without hurting yourself.
NRL of lifting is now a collection of books including several variations of the same ideas I listed above. I like the original book New Rules of Lifting (top of post) because it is an inspiring book and will get you going and th

at is one of the most important aspects of weight lifting you need all the motivation you can get you’ll need all the enthusiasm you can get. Lou Schuler also offer support through his web site and forum where you can ask questions and follow up with other lifters progress and also display your own. When you start lifting and I hope you do, start slow and pay close attention to form. Ask your gym instructor to show you how to perform the exercises correctly and start with minimum weights until you know what you are doing and your body knows what you are doing. Never, never go to the gym and start lifting the heaviest load you did at the last minutes of your last session, this is a recipe for injury. If you in doubt about your health status and lifting ask your doctor. Remember this is all very new to your body but there are thousands of years of these exercise experience printed in your DNA so soon your body will remember exactly what it is supposed to do and you will be amazed how good you’ll feel and how your glucose and energy control will have improved.

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