Love Will Prevail – this is a test, this is only a test

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

In order to have great positive reactions, we need great negative actions


Cheer up folks. There is no need to be gloomy and sad in the age of darkness and chaos. Light begins with darkness, and without darkness there can be no light. Everything is alt-right, at least for now. Enjoy the Grand Wizard magic show. It takes a little bit of fuzzy logic to accept but Trump is actually making America great again after all. Not by his own intentions but because every thing he does, magically transforms itself into the exact opposite. It is almost like it is orchestrated to be that way. Or rather, because we experience the reaction of a nation that still has some moral values.

I feel very weird writing this but I think Trump was actually a better pick then Hilary. My theory could just be right. I was worried at first, but after Trump came out of his racist closet, we’ve reached a turning point. He felt liberated and the rest of us felt reassured that there is a future. This was the decisive moment we’re all waiting for.

When Trump finally admitted his unapologetic allegiance to the Nazi racist ideology in his infamous press conference at Trump tower lobby, the 7th circle of hell (Colbert 2017). We witnessed a nation’s reaction – of repugnance. And out of this reaction there was unity and an increased sense of coming together to expel evil from the world. In this creative and explosive vortex of energy is where great things are born; and this indeed is a rare event.

We are such creatures of comfort, nothing gets done unless there’s urgency. And urgency is what Trump is all about. His uncanny ability to insult and humiliate is actually serving as fuel for great change.

In order to have a great positive reaction, we need a great negative action. In terms of creating negative action, Trump scores a A+. He is the same thing as an antidote. We inoculate a bit of poison just enough to create a body’s immune response.

The good thing about Trump is that he is so scary. You feel like you’re being pushed into a abyss and the only thing left to do is to fight for your life. If we had a good president we would relax and feel protected. Trump’s internal vacuum of leadership create a vortex of external leadership.

In only a few months, Trump has accomplished more things then any other president in history. Here are a few of the most obvious:

  • Tested the validity of our electoral college
  • Revised the relevancy of our entire press
  • Showed us a businessman can’t run governments
  • Showed how diplomacy is important
  • Created a whole new level of political involvement and awareness in America
  • Discovered millions of white supremacist and Nazis living underground
  • Awakened real patriotism within our military and congress
  • Promoted the removal of Confederacy statues across the country
  • Made us care for our disabled citizens
  • Exposed Russian meddling in elections
  • Exposed the true side of the GOP
  • Made transgenders be appreciated in the military
  • Made us aware of pussy grabbing
  • Gave a new meaning to the word resist
  • The revisiting of the horrors of Nazism
  • Exposed where people really were in the spectrum of politics
The list goes on and on. Every day we could add something new. Every single one of his failures have transformed into real productive events opening discussion and thinking

But nothing tops the list like the perception of evil in clear and present danger. Most of us didn’t live through the horrors of Nazism or the concentration camps. We only saw movies about it. But Trump brought the idea of horror with crisp and vivid images. When the president of the United States says he is a sympathizer of Nazism, something real should begin to crawl under your skin. It should brings a chill to everyone’s spine, and is so good to notice that it did. So, what’s next?

Next could be the most healing event the nation: The removal of a tumor. Not to say Donald Trump is the tumor, but his ideology certainly is. A benign one if removed, but a malignant one if left to fester in the fabric of our society.

The act of removal will bring the reassurance and the confidence that we as people are on the same page and in control. And we can stir the boat in right direction once again. It also bring us to the realization that the magicians behind the tricks were ourselves all along, the ones able to identify the evil, organize, resist and make white magic. So, why love will prevail?

Love will prevail because love always does. Love will prevail because even though humans are kind of stupid they always end up figuring out that pain is not good and love is better. Love will find a way just like life always find a way to stay alive. It is build into our cosmic DNA. Have a great day!





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