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Hey, this is me, or rather you from the future – you have a message to you!


If you are confused about your future you’ve clicked at the right page. I am you from the future, and this page is a message to you in the past. Don’t believe? Read on…

Have you ever seen the movie trilogy “Back to the Future” if you did, remember the scene when Biff gives himself an almanac with all the sport results? He hand it to himself in the past. This post is similar to that scene. Except the movie is fiction, this post is real. All you’ll have to do is follow your lead from the you in the future and win every time.

I have some things to tell you, me from the past. Please read carefully because the information contained in this “reverse time capsule” will help you a lot. You can just ignore it but will be to your disadvantage.

First off let me tell you, that everything turned out OK. You’re going to do well, so don’t worry. There might be some bumps along the road but for the most part you did very well. Congratulations! But listen up because this could make you road trip much smoother and fun.

I know you’re confused about your future, believe me; or rather, trust yourself. I am you after all. In part you are confused due to what I call T.P.D. (Time Perception Deficit). In other words, your perception of time is false. And that’s because you are a teenager and growing into a young adult. When you are young the world is huge and time pass slowly. One year feels like an eternity. All time perceptions are illusions. Now that I’m old, time goes so fast I wish it would slow down. A year seem to be only a few months.

But regardless of how we see time passing, one thing doesn’t change. Is that everything you want to accomplish takes time; lot’s of time. Anything you want to accomplish will take a full load of energy from you. So, relax, and do one step at a time. You can’t cheat time.

Don’t rush into things. Wait until they come near you, then you jump on it, that’s how cat hunts. The big secret is to know how to wait for the right moment. Something you know little about at this point (but you can follow your instruction from the you from the future). Don’t worry you’ll learn. You just have too much energy in your body and no experience in your head. So relax and enjoy the moment. You don’t have to do anything at all. Things will come to you whether you want it or not.

You want to leave your cozy comfortable home with your parents but you’re afraid to do so. You are going through a time period when you are too old to stay but to young to leave. Just take one day at a time. You don’t have to decide now. When the opportunity arrives you’ll know. It is as simple as that. There will be a sign that it’s time to leave; if you are too much in a hurry you’ll miss the moment and that may cost you a thing or two. But even if you’re screw up, you’ll learn something new.

So, here are the things I want you to please follow because I am you. Please try, trust yourself. Here’s what to do about:


Girls are the most awesome part of your life. Treat them with utmost respect they are a person just like you. Yes, that girl that looks at you at break time is super interested in you. Show her who you are, that’s all you have to do. Here’s the secret about woman you should learn. Woman like man who treat them as equal and pay attention to their needs. If you want to win a girl’s heart just let them decide if they like you. A woman is all ears, they listen to everything you say. Remember, they are smarter then you. All attempts to impress her will fail. They are the ones who pick you and not the other way around. Woman like poetry, so read and write poetry to them, but don’t overdue. Don’t play with woman’s hearts just to show off. A woman’s heart is powerful stuff – be careful.


Dude, get this through your head: school doesn’t suck. This is the best time of your life. You suck for thinking school sucks. You have nothing else to do but to study and enjoy your friends. If you’re not having a good time in school; start having a good time in school. It is a whole lot better then work and being an adult. This is your work now. When you grow up your life will have a million sucky responsibilities. Holding a job, too much to do, paying bills, raising children, you have no idea how good you have. So enjoy school while you can. You are happy and just don’t know it. Do good in school. Study your ass off and you’ll see how happy you’ll be. Your parents will be happy and you’ll get all kinds of prizes.


Well, you don’t have to worry too much about that yet. But the sooner you start thinking about work, the better. You’ll spend the largest part of your life at work. Pay attention to what you already like. Pick something you have a talent for. Your talent will get you farther in your profession than your passion for something you don’t have the talent for. Whatever you decide to do, stick to it. There is nothing more powerful than doing something and keep doing over a long time, even if you don’t see results right away. Even you decide to be a yo-yo player. If you do it long enough – you will be the most famous yo – yo player in the world. Is not about what you do but the amount of energy and dedication you apply to something. So ounce you find something, love it and watch it grow.


Why didn’t I go to the gym? Man, go to the gym and start lifting weights. That is one of the best things you can do for your body. If you like sports that’s great. But lifting weights will make your body strong and able to accomplish anything you want in life. Your body need to be strong. We live in a physical world and your body perform mechanical tasks. When your muscles are powerful, your life becomes powerful. Go to a gym and find a trainer or buy a good book. Dedicate your self to it. The problem with you young guys is that you can’t stick with anything for too long before you become distracted by something else. So use the weight lifting routine as a reminder that you must stick to something to see results. The proof will come soon. Please do that right now and you’ll thank yourself later.


Dude, your parents love you. It’s OK to ditch them for now so you can find out who you are; it’s OK. But let me tell you something about your parents. They are the only two people in this world who you can trust. When you’re in trouble, your parents are the only ones who will support you to the end, no matter how bad things get. When you’re in real trouble your friends will bail out, and even your brothers and sister will bail out. But your parents will be there for you when no one will. They will sacrifice everything they have to see that you are OK. Your parents are the most important people in this world. So be nice to them because they wont be around forever.

So I hope you take these “messages in a bottle” to heart. After all I am you in the future. So trust me. What I just told you will work for you because life is an endless repetition of events. After all I’ve seen it happen and it will happen to you just like a movie on replay. Just try and let me know how you’re doing. Ask questions. Don’t think you have to figure out everything on your own. There are good people in this world that can help you. Oh, and one more thing, everything is temporary. If you feel really bad today, all you have to do is wait and things will change tomorrow wanting or not.

Truly, yourself





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