Studies Show Patient’s Charting, more Important than Patient Care

(Last Updated On: December 23, 2017)

The future of nursing is here, and its all about documentation – welcome to hypercharting


There is a lot of talk about nurses spending too much time documenting and charting. The chief complaint is that nurses are spending more time charting, than they spend with patients. However there is no evidence indicating that more charting is detrimental to good patient care. New studies are finding the contrary to be true. More documentation results in better patient care.

According to a new study sponsored by HealthData®, a leading medical software, nurses should spend more time charting and not less. The more charting and documentation the better for patients. New software from HealthData® is increasing the time nurses spend in front of the computer, and that is a good thing. HealtData is proud to announce the creation of a new system: welcome to Hypercharting™

What is hypercharting?

In a nut shell, hypercharting is when a nurse not only spend more time charting then any other activity – but charting is encouraged and rewarded. Nurses can increase their salaries as they make bigger quotas as more charting appears in the records. Bonuses are directly added to paychecks as charting levels increase.

More documentation creates a wealth of data for doctors’s. With a touch of a key doctors can instantly know the patient’s status. According to David Borgazio a health software industry veteran and creator or iGotit© (an app that translates unreadable doctor’s orders) “doctors may not ever need to see a patient again”. And that is also a big win for patients as well.

Let’s face it, patients are tired and sometimes having a doctor probing every each way can be exhausting. And it goes without saying that patients don’t want to be social all the time. Patients want their privacy, so they can enjoy hospital’s amenities like large screen television and the new hospitality services now being implemented.

The benefits of hypercharting

There are direct and secondary benefits by using hypercharting. We are just beginning to discover the full scope of this new technology and many effects can be identified. Here are some of them:

#1 Nurses retention – one in five nurses live their profession within the first year. That is due mostly by an aversion to having to do so many dirty and unpleasant chores. Not every nurse like to touch a patient let along deal with their cuties. Some nurses prefer to sit by the computer where the surroundings are cleaner and safer. By providing nice computers with internet access; nurses feel more encouraged to remain in the profession. Specially when they know that hypercharting will pay better.

#2 Increased revenue – employers too, have much to profit from hypercharting as the see their reinbursments soar. Hypercharting produces beautiful spreadsheets filled with data. This is a beautiful site to administrators who release funds for patient care. A happy employer produces happy employees, and happy employees create better patient satisfaction.

#3 Patient satisfaction – patients will also be happy because hypercharting avoids constant probing, assessments, and all the other things patient’s hate: blood draws, catheter insertions, medications, assessments and a number of other things patients rather not have. Hypercharting takes care of all of that as nurses are busy charting – patient can finally have their privacy and their way.

#4 Computer training – nurses and doctors will finally become proficient in computers. Up to now is difficult to find a nurse that can operate computers very well and that is a shame. We live in the world of information and that is becoming increasingly important. With hypercharting, every nurse on the floor will become a geek. Just imagine nurses talking about CPU’s, memory dump, cloud based data storage, network connections, and so many other important things seldom seen among nurses.

Meet the future of nursing – hypercharting is here to stay. We are only beginning to see the effects hypercharting will bring.

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