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The Weight of the Nation: Poverty and Obesity (HBO Docs)




2013 is the year obesity became a worldwide emergency. According http://pocketoption.in/copy-trade to the experts, if we don’t stop eating so much, we’ll eventually starve. Mexico has the highest rate of childhood obesity in the world.
Manuel Uribe, the nation’s fattest man, and formerly the world’s heaviest man, tries to educate Monterrey’s youth on the perils of fast food. From Mexico to the USA, where trucking is the fattest occupation; Attila Sarfi, shows you how his addiction to food is putting his health in serious danger.

Finally, in India; where there are more type 2 diabetics than anywhere else in the world; 19 year old Vedant Mungi is having weight loss surgery to remove 80% of his stomach, to cure his diabetes and morbid obesity



The United States of Obesity Infographic Via: The United States of Obesity Infographic

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