Learn what is important about using the glycemic index chart   An important part of diabetes management is to have a good idea of what glycemic index is and how it relates to the foods you eat. There are different ways to use it without having to be very technical about it. You might not need to [...]

  If you are diabetic and searching for natural remedies you might have already heard of okra. If you're from the south of the United States you probably had it in gumbos and soups. Some people don't like okra because they produce a slimy juice but this is actually what helps with diabetes. Some people [...]

What is Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is the modern disease - diabetes is one of it's ramifications   To know what diabetes is you first need to know what metabolic syndrome is. Diabetes associated with metabolic syndrome. The standard definition of metabolic syndrome adopted by the National Cholesterol Educational Program’s Adult Treatment Panel (NCEP-ATP)   A cluster of five chronic conditions: obesity [...]

How can diabetes be treated

Some friends ask me why I write about diabetes. I'm not diabetic and they want to know just what the motivation is. I keep writing but sometimes I do ask myself the same question. I'm not sure of everything but no one is and I'm thankful for that. I just know there is something important [...]

  Diabetes education is the best line of defense because it can prevent diabetes. Education can actually stop diabetes. Because diabetes is unlike any other disease our lifestyle becomes a major player. What we eat, how we live and even how we think can create stress and that can affect our health. If lifestyle can be change [...]

  Sodas are perhaps the worst food you can ingest, and that is if we can call it food. But this is barely news as there is an unending list of all hazards associated with drinking soda on the net. Even with all this information available still nearly half of Americans, 48%, report drinking at least one [...]

Y es pets can have diabetes too the same way we humans do and it's a rapidly growing problem. The most common type of diabetes in pets are type I; which is a lack of insulin production. Dogs with type I diabetes require insulin to survive. In Cats type II is predominant and the problem is the [...]

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