Corporate health care is not helpful to nurses and patients are the biggest losers   Nursing is a stressful profession. Nurses manage life and death situations; body fluids; deadly bacteria and viruses. They experience aggression from patients; threats of being sued; insane long hours and insane patient loads; lack of sleep and no time to eat or use [...]

  Donald Trump hate and divisiveness is a test; and if it doesn't shatter everyone to smithereens' we might actually end up in a better place. We can turn this whole ordeal into an opportunity and improve ourselves in the process, and how is that for being positive? Like a bitter medicine, we brought Trump upon ourselves. People have a certain fascination with royalties. Trump is pure American [...]

  I think many people would agree with me when I say a healthy smile is something sought-after and admired. But it isn’t this way simply for superficial reasons, of course! Keeping up with good oral care helps prevent serious problems that can occur in our mouths, perhaps even affecting our overall health. As a [...]

  Nurses work hard and face difficult situations. New trends show that nurses are not getting the support they need. Having fewer alternatives, they struggle to provide the care patients need. Lack of support create unsafe conditions, creating a big price tag. Patients are ultimately the ones who pay without ever knowing - find out why. [...]

  Nurses are always in a hurry and don’t have time to clarify illegible doctor’s orders. But now there's an app for that. Meet iGotit, the first scanning auto translator with ALT (adaptive learning technology) from Valley Tech Medical. Install iGotit on iphones and Android systems. Scan illegible doctor’s order and let the app do [...]

  Phanera variegata is also called Bauhinia veriagata. A distinctive characteristic of the bauhinia are its purple colored or lilac flowers. Another close relative which also contain medicinal properties is Pata de Vaca or bauhinia forficata that looks very similar to phanera but produces white flowers. Both plants have anti diabetic properties and both are from the Fabaceae family. Camel foot tree [...]

  Welcome to the future – self-driving cars are here but the roadblocks are too. The debut of self driving vehicles is filled with controversy; why do we need self driving cars? The industry has big selling plans. But many people are not sure if self-driving vehicles are even technically feasible at all. In addition some people [...]

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