Are you Drowning in the Facebook Pond? Who Isn’t?

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2017)

There is a easy fix for Facebook overdose – stop looking at it every five minutes


It is hard to believe how much crap a brain can process in one day. Between terrorist attacks, Donald Trump three ring circus and the latest’s disaster – we are exposed to a media blitz of multiple formats. We have traditional media, social media, and Facebook media which aggregates all sorts of other media.

Friends will send me their politically charged media posts and I get it in my phone and computer 24/7. Nothing wrong with being informed but do I need this B.S. all of the time? Do I became influenced by what I get exposed? Should I be concerned – I sometimes think I live in a dream created by my own search for reality – but is more like a nightmare.

The violent emotions of people living far from me, contaminate my immediate surroundings. I have to protect myself and create a filter, I think few people do that. Get a hold of  your media habitual patterns.

I constantly reach to my phone and see if there is something new on Facebook, maybe an e-mail. When I’m done I keep scrolling the screen looking for something else to do; maybe there is something new I didn’t see? I come home and the first thing I do is to fire up the big computer again and engage in more of the same. Facebook; e-mail; check my blog dashboard to see if there were any blog responses.

Once I’m done with that is on to idiotic Internet surfing an activity that warps the nature of time (but the reality is simply a waste of time). From Facebook there is always links taking us somewhere else. I look at political things, the latest stupid thing Donald Tramp said and how everyone is outraged.

There is something very addicting about clicking that next page and it mimics the same patterns of addiction as a slot machine does – that next pull down of the lever will bring the reward but it doesn’t so we pull it again. After a while we just feel pain and a sense of deep dissatisfaction.

I wonder what is that doing to our collective psyche. It’s like the anti-meditation state of mind as the mind gets progressively more agitated and unsettled.

Think of a life without media for just a moment. I remember the time when we only had a few sources of news. Back 200 years ago there was mail, newspapers and people talking at the square and that was about it. Things were just as they were and life was simple because life is simple. We wake up, take a shit eat breakfast, go to work and then repeat everything tomorrow again and again. Much of what we do and think are are what we teach ourselves after being expose to ideas brought by things we see.

Events that happen far away even a few miles away from us are of absolutely no consequence and does not affect us in anyway for the most part. If no one told you that a house was on fire the other day on that particular street, we would never know and this event would not affect our life in any way.

People in the old days did not care about things that happen in other countries because they simply didn’t know what was happening in these countries. There is something blissful about ignorance after all.

Today we get all involved and know about every detail of every single event happening around the globe. We see a video of the dead refugee child from a Syrian instants after it happened and we become immediately sad. Do we need to see this 24/7? Do we need to participate in every suffering of every human being around the globe?

To me there is a little bit of arrogance in thinking we can handle all of this without wearing ourselves out. It’s like carrying the world on our shoulders all of the time.

I’m making an effort and letting go of that burden. I want to taste the simplicity of life and realize that life is really simple because I make it simple. I am basically safe in my environment and I know some people around the globe are not. Can I be knowledgeable about people’s misery but still enjoy my life without any guilt?

I think is just a matter of choice and how we process the information that is given to us – or an ability to keep things in perspective, to separate what is real from what is not. We have to be able to discern what is reality and what is just a dream – media tend to be more like just a dream because these events are not really happening but are images of what have already happened. We have to protect ourselves from things that are not intended for us. We’ll have our share, or not. You can still be compassionate and forgiven without wearing yourself down.

If fact I think that if you are wearing yourself down, there is already something wrong. If the ground is filled with broken glass you don’t try to cover the entire planet with sheets of leader; you just wear two pieces of leader under your feet – that is a lot easier.

We can use the same concept with our media overload, giving a break to our tired little brain. Today I wrote this post without even going online. I just used the blog function on Word and uploaded it to the site. Limiting our online time also creates a fresh feeling – we underestimate how taxing all this media garbage is to our brain. The mind can become so busy with absolute idiotic things we don’t even know what we are doing. So this is day one of my media fasting and this is really exciting.

Other people’s misery and suffering is real and important, but keeping our sanity is also a way to alleviate suffering – our suffering, everyone’s suffering.

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