Rivers Can Be Our Best Teachers

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2017)

Take me to the river



river can mirror our lives in more then one way. The river and its unique shape, movement, history, is a winding stream that is analogous to the unfolding of your life. The events that shape the river, its relationship to the world are much like our own. We can all go to the river and drink its wisdom and ask anything, there’s nothing the river can’t teach us. It’s all available as long as your can read it.

Take a journey and imagine that you are a leaf floating in the water and the river represents your life’s unfolding. You are now being carried away by the stream without any control whatsoever. You are able to see the banks, the tributaries and everything else from the water point of view, from the little floating leaf point of view.

Close to the spring the river is supple, quick and playful. The water is transparent and it’s body small as a new born. As the river grows older it is joined by other rivers and it’s waters become deeper and wider. Every young river who joins the body of water bring something new to the stream and as the waters intertwine the color and consistency changes just like our lives changes by the influence of who we meet grow and learn with.

As you progress down the stream you notice that every place you see is different, they all somewhat related to each other but they are never the same. Once you turn a river curve you will never go back to that same place again; the river doesn’t run back.

Likewise in our lives we should enjoy where we are for we will never go back, and we never know what the scenery will be ounce we turn a curve. Sometimes we think we went back but it’s just a similar new place. Ounce the moment passes it will never happen again in the exact same way.

Sometimes the river is serene and placid, but sometimes the little leaf is tossed against the rapids and plunged in dangerous falls. While we’re at it it seems it will last forever but eventually it all changes. The river can be full of life but can also be sick as its waters become filled with pollutants. Like a person a river can be healed and its life restored.

As the river gets old it becomes larger and it’s waters more dense and filled with particles from all the miles and miles of terrain traveled. The final destination of the river is to die. Like ourselves all rivers come to an end and are disembodied. But the river doesn’t die it just transform itself into the ocean. A larger body of life with no obvious frontiers. It’s former shape no longer exists but it’s waters are absorbed by the mother of all waters where all life begun. We remain there for a while but one day we eventually return to the river when we are transformed in clouds which become dense and heavy and drench the earth. We then fall again inside some river and repeat everything anew in a endless cycle over and over as if we never been there before.

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