This blog is a work in progress and a labor of love. This is not a business and I’m not trying to sell anything. Adds in my pages only help to pay for hosting. You’ll find a wide range of subjects ranging from opinion pieces to informative health related subjects. I keep my medical articles current and constantly updated.

Because I enjoy writing, I started a blog about diabetes. Soon I wanted to write about politics, but I also liked to cover health topics. So I started two other blogs, one for each subject. But what I noticed was that is just too hard to keep many blogs at the level of quality I want, specially when you have a full time job.

So I bundled all subjects into one and called MTspace. Blogging is a interesting art and I learn as I go. There are technical parts to it such as knowing about internet and how to put together a website. But the best is to research and write articles that can touch people and change their lives. The ultimate goal of this website is to help others.

I get a kick when I see people in remote parts of the world accessing my pages. I wonder what impact it is having on their lives.

I hope you find something here that inspire your day to day life and beyond. The goal is to produce quality writing and ideas that can change a world into a better place. There is nothing more worthwhile than that. Take part and don’t just read – think, comment, contribute and share.


Thank you and enjoy

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