Americans are Socialists Just Don’t Know it

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2016)

“In the end of the day Socialism is American as apple pie, bought at a Wall Mart – with food stamps”


Bernie Sanders revolution has already changed history. With or without a victory American politics will never be the same. The concept of Socialism is for the first time regarded as a viable option; this is impressive. There is a problem with the word “Socialism”, not with the actual thing but just the word – lots of other people fear it. The word “Socialism” might be Bernie’s greatest obstacle but at the same time his greatest asset.

After all the word socialism might very well be working for Bernie we just don’t know it yet. Could another word other then Socialism describe his platform without scarring so many people? We’ll never know that since the gentleman from Vermont is not yielding. Bernie Sanders is and have always been a unapologetic Democrat Socialist and is mostly admired for his in your face honesty.

Perhaps he is doing everything right. Bernie’s success is in great part due to his raw honesty. The word Socialism as indecent as a sex act in plain public view pales in comparison when contrasted with the absurdities of our unashamed middle class destruction by a casino capitalism. So why Socialism is such a dirty word in America? But a better question would be – is Socialism really a scary idea for Americans today? It depends on who you ask.

For the millenniums Bernie’s largest support group it is certainly not. They have no memory of the cold war and fears of Socialism turning into Communism. What they hear is – jobs and free education and that is pretty dammed good.  Older liberals are kind of weary but they just don’t say it. Conservatives are so against Socialism there is no dialogue. It goes against the core principals of less government and individual rights. To throw the “S” word at a conservative and expect results is nothing short of whishing for a miracle. However there is a little miracle happening.

Some conservatives are so fed up with how things are going in Washington they see Bernie as a interesting kind of politician and share many of his views. That is greatly increase after a quick look at GOP front runners. Some conservatives see an honest politician and a hard working man. They also see Sanders as somewhat anti government and that also goes well. The problem is when we throw the “S” word. It’s like someone pulls the plug of a record player and the music dies down into a slow puddle of muffled sounds. Fear.

There is not a single word that is more despised by conservatives and a lot of Americans than socialism. To make matters worse most Americans don’t even understand the differences between Socialism and Communism, and the later is truly feared by all. Fear rules and there is a vein of truth to that.

Corruption and misrepresentation of the people’s in the hands of Communist parties are known to be the worst and most difficult to be reversed. But what we have right here in America is not much better and is getting worse. Wealthy interest groups buy election; pass laws that only benefit a few in detriment of all; and use the public trust to protect private interests. That, among other things is what heinous Communists governments do.

The Socialism Bernie talks about have already happened before and with great results. Socialism gave us all the great things America became famous for. It just wasn’t called Socialism. The sad part is that America is socialist but in the closet.

The Bernie revolution is a FDR Socialism in 2016. That means putting people to work by rebuilding the country, repairing roads, raising minimum wage and making the corporations pay their fair share of taxes. Is that too scary or too much too ask? Only for big profit corporations who fear unions and anything that could empower workers. FDR was also called a socialist; by the same group sponsored by wealthy corporations who were all out to protect control over workers – but we now live in a different America and the data is outrageous.

  • Millions of Americans are working two or three jobs just to survive
  • Americans work longer hours than any industrialized nation in the world
  • 58% of all new income goes to the top 1%
  • Middle class median income is $4,100 less than is was in 1999
  • More than half the workers have no retirement savings
  • 47 million Americans live in poverty
  • America has the highest rate of poverty of any major country in the planet
  • America locks more people in jail than any other country in the planet
  • America spends $80 billions a year in mass incarceration

Should we be apologetic with the word Socialism? Hell no! We should embrace it. Socialism might be the lacking ingredient for real change; a change Obama was not able to accomplish. Yes, yes Obama did a good job but he could not go far enough because there was something missing. By having a Socialist starting point we give change a name and something as a base – an agreement to follow.

This revolution is all about reversing predatory actions Americans are forced to endure by a system that does not represent them. Is about time we put our hard earned tax dollars to the benefit of all and not just a few.

Image credit: “Bernie Sanders Rally – Raleigh NC (Mar 11th 2016)” by Scott Pelkey ne014x/Flickr, Under CC BY-ND 2.0



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