Why I Became so Angry and it took my Dog to Realize I was In Trouble

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My Dog Always Know What’s going on



he other day I was watching a TV show about the seven deadly sins. I am such a terrible Catholic, I didn’t even realize that anger was one of them sins. I wonder why anger would be a sin, it just didn’t make any sense. People are angry all the time and so what.

I have a God given gift of always being mellow, so anger is not one of my usual sins. Being angry is not part of my usual problems but yesterday I got really mad and angry at my dog. So mad it triggered a cascade of reflections on anger and other things; in other words I got right down depressed about it. So let me share this with you because I know you are also a sinner.

I happen to have a pug and he is very spoiled; I have only myself to blame. I give him bacon, cheese and pork ribs and he loves it. People say, don’t do it is bad for them; for Christ’s sake these animals have been eating garbage for millions of years. Pugs are gourmet dogs and absolutely obsessed with eating. It is simply impossible not to spoiled these gentle and silly creatures.  But Chico has a evil side few people know. When no one is watching he consistently pees on the Christmas tree. I don’t know possesses him to do such mischievous deed.

He did it several times and he does it every Christmas and now he is doing it again. I have tried in vain many times to make him stop but he does it every time, consistently. I now believe he is up to get me and to defy me at any cost; one day I lost it. I became very angry at him. I was so angry I was I was even scared of myself. Chico wasn’t scared, he is fearless or suicidal; I can’t tell. I chased him around the house and threw him outside, he looked at me with a face of “what’s the matter boss, what’s the problem”?

So the adrenaline kicked in and I was pumped up. The telephone rang and I picked up the phone angrily and said the most unwelcoming hello to whoever jerk was calling me. It was the telemarketing and I sent them immediately to hell. Then I went on to send everything else to hell and I bitched about everything, one thing after the other. At the end of the day I was a pile of misery. As my adrenaline came down I calmed down. I meditated, came to my baseline. I dropped the story line as I realized how silly it was being angry at a dog.

I could finally see that my anger was a toxic brew and contaminated everything I touched. My self was the worst victim. The anger made me switch from a quiet and stable mind to one that is highly volatile and unstable. My judgment cluttered by absurd destructive thoughts. I remember the TV show. I reflected on the sinfulness of anger. Yes, anger is a sin because it is so destructive to us, the others and to our entire planet. Anger is a thing of the ego. Christ was a good teacher like all great teachers are good teachers.

Anger has a life of its own and begin to take over your head the minute you walk into the anger space. Usually it’s always about us and our ego needs and never about the object of our anger. When I look at my dog and I’m not angry he is just a little creature with limited comprehension about our world but when I see through the lens of madness he becomes an evil monster with mean intentions plotting to irritate me. At the end of the day I thanked Chico for being my teacher on anger issues. We’re OK now. Is anger an issue for you?


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  • Gayle August 28, 2015, 18:22

    I had a pug mix many years ago, and he was a very strange little critter. Onions go in all my foods, and the bits and pieces that I threw away were somewhat of a treat for him. He would dig through the garbage and eat them, of course, the rest of the garbage was strewn over the kitchen floor. Ok… you would think the story would end here, but it does not. In my purse were always Certs…………. Yes, as I slept, he would go into my purse and eat the Certs.
    Anger….. can be put to good use. When I use to get angry I would scrub and scrub the bathroom tile and sliding glass doors frames with a toothbrush. Kind of anger therapy? Anyone who knew me, knew they were in trouble or someone else was when I was in the bathroom with my pant legs rolled up and toothbrush in hand.

  • Laura August 19, 2015, 07:51

    Love your blog and the range of topics! Thank you for sharing! Look forward to following!

    • Marcos Taquechel August 19, 2015, 09:48

      Thank you Laura, I have a few urgent nursing topics coming up soon

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