Some Patients Only Need a Little Love and Tender Care

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2017)

Some patients are so lonely they rather remain hospitalized so they can get some attention


Nursing is such an interesting profession. You are in a unique position to experience and you see others in a very close and personal level. When you take care of someone who is in a vulnerable position and they entrust their lives to you; there is something very special.

These interactions are the hidden jams of the regular day to day in nursing. It is an aspect of life that is tucked away from most people. I see this as a privilege. What amazes me is how some people react to simple and basic attention, love, and care. This in turn becomes the most important part of the treatment. Something far more valuable then just getting some medicine and hydration.

For some patients who are sick and have psychological problems this is even more apparent. For most people, hospital environments are something to dread but I notice something different. Some patients seem to enjoy every bit of attention they get, in fact they crave it. For example yesterday I took care of one patient who only a few days prior to admission, had taken an overdose of sedatives with alcohol and according to the doctors, this was her third suicide attempt. She was in pretty bad shape when they found her on the floor and she was taken to the ER where she later spent three days in the ICU fighting for her life.

A few days later we find her in a hospital bed. She was changed and had a glow in her face and looked to be in good spirits. She called the nurses incessantly asking questions, talking non-stop about whatever was in her mind, so much so that there was a nursing note about it, as a warning.

I think that for the first time in a long while this woman had some attention. Someone came for her and asked her how she was doing. This was evident to me as I saw how she enjoyed the interaction with the staff and with medication time and anything that was done to her. I noticed several patients with this same kind of syndrome. I even heard of a patient who were sent home several times and came back even though the doctor told them they had no reason to be back.

It is unfortunate that human beings have to go to a hospital to get some TLC and that the lack of love and attention from others is sufficient to cause them to be sick or make them want to inflict harm on themselves. Nurses do a great job loving their patients, at least the majority of them are so loving it makes a difference in the well being of the patients and can even cure them. If nurses can do it why can’t other people out there be more loving? I guess it’s a matter of training, to work towards being that way.


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Marcos Taquechel

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  • Thank you for this great post, I am glad I found this site
    on yahoo.

  • djedjiga July 12, 2015, 12:59

    I admit that a patients appreciated for a bit of care cause they are in pain. If a patient is seeking for a doctor or a nurse that because he trust them, and he don’t know things that a doctor or a nurse know, and he’s waiting to save his life, and end his pains. So we always have to say” please” “thank you”.

    • Marcos Taquechel July 12, 2015, 18:23

      At the end of the day we just have to be nice to each other not matter who they are and not matter what stressful situation they find themselves in. Is sad some people have to be in a hospital to be well treated by others.

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