Words are More Powerful Than you Think

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You never know the impact your words have on others



ome things we do cannot be reversed or simply erased – a notable one is learning. Once you learn something it cannot be unlearned. Likewise once you communicate something to someone, it cannot be undone. In a way words are more powerful than action because words have a life of their own. Plain physical aggression hurts momentarily; verbal abuse on the other hand hurts for the rest of your life. Intentions last forever.

Words spoken to children make them succeed or fail. To validate that, all you have to do is look within your own past and recall the words that have empowered you and the ones that have damaged you and caused you hurt. Strong words spoken to you often became part of your life. You cannot erase these words. You always remember them. Words are so powerful because they are timeless and continue to be effective way into the future.

Words are not only powerful from person to person; communication also takes place inside of ourselves. We are constantly talking to ourselves, so our own words also have the same effect. Every movie we watch every idea we think, every book we read, people we talk to, help to shape our mind and ultimately the person we are. So when you say something powerful weather is positive or negative, is like trowing a rock into interstellar space; it will travel forever in the direction you aimed.

Is the mind a product of all information we’ve learned since we were born? It might in part very well be. It is difficult to know what is shaping our mind because we hardly pay attention to what we put in it. We ingest and assimilate everything presented to us without hesitation or much thinking; most of the times.

If it gives us pleasure we eat. That goes for foods we eat and for the foods for thought. We might be watching the most gruesome scene on a movie, or something that is extremely perverse of toxic, but for the sake of entertainment we let everything go in. I do that all the time. Later I think: “what is that doing to my mind?” But it is too late because it has already been communicated.

It is not easy to control our 24/7 graphic HD world. I remember when I was a kid and there was this B&W TV with only 3 channels. Today there are a million channels 24/7 in high definition, how could we ever escape.

I guess then being careful with what you say to others goes without saying. Diarrhea of the mouth should be avoided at all costs. You’ll be amazed if you knew what impact some things you said to others might have done to them. One little thing said at the right moment under the right circumstances might change the course of history, at least someone’s history. Words are much more stronger than we give them credit. This just happened to me the other day.

I was visiting home and walking in the same neighborhood I grew up. I saw a childhood friend of mine who was still lives there and I haven’t seen for 35 years. After starting a conversation we quickly started flashback nostalgic memories as kids playing in the same street. At one point he looked at me and said:

“I never forgot what you told me a long time ago at a party when we’re fifteen: you said  girls are like flowers and we are like bees always seeking their honey so we go from flower to flower…”

I told him these words and have never in all these years, remembered what I said at that teenage party. He never forgot what I said and kept this idea very close to him. Obviously it had a great impact on him for whatever reason otherwise it would have been something someone said and you’ll never, ever remember. Like so many things people said throughout your life.

What changes have these words created in his life? This thought have been ringing in my friend’s head for 35 years. So the point is, we never know what impact our words are having on others. We could be constructing great outcomes but we could also be creating uncontrollable chaos. Looking at our chaotic world, I would say we’ve been saying pretty crazy things to each other. What we say can change the world.


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Marcos Taquechel

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  • Gayle August 28, 2015, 18:39

    You have no idea how much I have enjoyed visiting your site. I am not sure how I found it, but it was meant to be. Over the last 8-9 years I have become a news junkie and it becomes mind boggling at times, so your site is very refreshing for me.
    40 years ago I was a counselor in a residential treatment center for juvenile delinquents, that is what the kids with problems were called then, and I am not sure what the label is now. Actually, many of the kids were not the problem, but their parents were. It was a tough job, or so I thought because those kids did not live in the mess our kids are in now. I was careful of my words. I am always careful of my words because, like you, they can make a difference. When I first got on FB I got an awesome post from a gal who had been one of those kids.
    In our relationships we all need to choose our words wisely and becareful not to hurt. Then we always need to tell those who are close to us….everytime we walk out the door…that we love them.
    Thank you for being a very nice person.

    • Marcos Taquechel August 29, 2015, 06:38

      You have no idea how happy I feel after reading your message. Yes word are very powerful and most people don’t understand the power they pack. Written words are very powerful too. You might want to kindly subscribe and keep in touch. Look for the subscribe button. Thank you and come back!

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