Nursing skills

  Due to tighter reimbursement regulations from insurances, a new growing trend in hospitals across the country is to decrease the length of stay of patients. For a hospital to remain solvent and functional it has to manage its resources, staff, and bed availability by progressing those patients who are medically stable out  to the next [...]

  As a physical therapist who practices in the acute care setting I have had a lot of interaction with nurses throughout my career. One thing I have consistently seen when working along side a nurse in a patient's room is the difference in the amount of physical assistance I initially offer a patient versus how much a [...]

  I f you Google "nursing shortage," you'll get a lots of pages telling you there is a major crisis right now. But most likely these articles are sponsored by nursing schools. The reality is that there is no nursing shortage. Even though some specialty areas such as L & D and ER are having a harder time filling positions, all other areas [...]