What Kind of Tragedy Will it Take to Change Gun Laws in The United States?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2017)

Do we really want to go there and find out?


We have sadly arrived at a point when saying our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families…became meaningless and that should be something that deeply concern us. But something else is also crucial – how many more mass shootings will it take until we change our gun laws? The do nothing approach we’ve been having up to now will lead us into uncharted territory, and I’m afraid we’re already there.

I don’t know if you feel that way but the Las Vegas massacre was a whole new level of crazy to me. And if you don’t feel that way, you should reflect upon it a little more.

Is the right to bear arms responsible for creating a better society? Are firearms an efficient way for personal protection? At the end of the day, guns have cause more harm than benefits or protection. But the biggest question is perhaps: do we even need a law securing access to guns in case we really need them? No, because if we really need guns they will be made available one way of the other, we’ll 3D print them at home if it comes to that.

When the cost of freedom became too expensive we invented laws. We all agreed that a professional would do a better job protecting people. We also agreed as a society, that people should not have the right to go out and shoot other people just because they are free to do so.

Laws where created and we have plenty of them. Even a uterus have more regulations then guns, and most people seem to be oblivious to that.

“We can say that today, the only ones benefiting from our gun laws are the mass murderers”

The mass shootings are here to stay, and they are only likely to become more frequent and killing larger numbers of people. I don’t know why we are killing each other. But the reasons are almost irrelevant in the face of our need to immediately resolve this problem.

While looking at the footage of the carnage in Las Vegas, someone said “what will it take, for us to really do something about our gun laws”. This idea got stuck in my head. What would it take?

Failing to take action will lead us to experience the unthinkable – the mother of all mass shootings, the massacre that will end them all. But do we really need to go there? Can we be smarter than that?

There is surely a breaking point to everything. There is a tipping point for every pressing issue. That is what lead us to war, or to finally wake up and take an decisive attitude to resolve a critical unsustainable situation.

For the most part, conservatives and loose gun law supporters are still going along with the “This is the price of freedom” But the price of freedom will soon become too expensive, as with each mass shooting the price goes up and the numbers of deaths gets higher and higher.

Do we need to pay this much for freedom? Aren’t we free enough? We are not being held captive; who are the real captors? Have we ever used guns to eliminate our oppressors? No, the end result of our horrible misconception is that easy access to guns facilitate the wrong people to use them causing innocent people to be slaughtered.

To confuse easy access to guns, with the price of freedom is a horrible misconception. The only result of this, is that we have criminals and mentally ill people having easy access to guns.

What kind of massacre will it take for us to change? What kind of carnage will convince us that freedom is not the same as allowing criminals to execute innocent people? We just have to cross our arms and do nothing to find out.

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