The Trump Era Could Bring True Political Awakening

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2017)

We should not waste this rare opportunity


Everyone is scared as we enter the uncharted waters of Trump. A new era has begun and its a terrifying one – but fear is good. We should be thankful that Trump continues his abhorrent behavior. We should rejoice every time he double down on his aggressive ideas. There are few moments in history where collective synergy has been created in such magnitude as we witness in the streets everywhere in the world.

Trump is acting as a emetic for a load of toxic material we have been ingesting over a long period of time. When we are intoxicated and need to get rid of it, an emetic can be used – a medicine designed to create a convulsion and make us vomit. Trump is acting as a perfect emetic. This is a rare event.

In part Obama has something to do with all of that. Remember the energy Obama generated when he invoked change in many of us. Remember how many thousands of people showed up to support him. But somehow it all went to a black hole after he was elected. It was almost like the energy generated at the time was only to get him there. OK now you’al can all go back and resume your lives as I take care of the rest. This was a big mistake. Obama’s good intentions just wasn’t enough to change anything – we should learn a great deal from that or risk repeating it.

Political awakening

It is only when millions of people begin to take action that we’ll see real change happen. But we need something strong to awake people from their deep sleep. We are creatures of comfort and hate to be disturbed. It is only we we feel threatened and we feel a sense of urgency that we get up from our comfort and do something. Trump is providing us with just that. You should  be feeling the fire in the butt. If not don’t worry, you will.

The interesting thing to note about the Woman’s marches across the planet, is that they were not just about Trump. All sorts of issues were on the table. Although, Trump will say that it was all about him. We are talking about abortion rights; violence; environment; woman’s rights; jobs; immigration; Muslims; Mexicans and just about every imaginable issue pertaining to a dignified and sustainable life on planet hearth. If you don’t  think these issues are important you should have your head examined.

So Trump act as a tangible; touchable; visible and real icon representing everything that is wrong with our world. And he does it brilliantly. No one has ever so perfectly being so hated and almost rejected by all and at the same time assumed the highest and most important job in the nation and to a large extent, to the world. This is amazing. But there is a lot to rejoice.

Joy. Yes there is a sense of joy. There is a sense we see that things are in fact about to change to something lasting and concrete. When people have the collective energy and the vigor to connect to each other towards a cause that is good for everyone there is an incredible joy of being alive and being human. This is indeed very powerful.

Change from inside out

But we should look at our history and learn. All political change that comes from our institutions is short lived. We can adopt any imaginable system of government. If we as people are corrupt than no matter what system we elect it will eventually fail. It is all in our intentions. Capitalism would work just fine if people were not greedy. Are we are ready to move on to a new level?

We’ve been through a lot of changes as people. We have had great transformation in the last 40 years. We have truly evolved and exposed ourselves to many ways of life and  transforming events. The 60’s and 70’s, now the Internet; we lived off the grid, in the grid and have tried everything in between. By now we should be perfectly knowledgeable that change can only take place if it comes from the inside. Of course this is a very hard goal but I think we are partially ready.

The opportunity we’ve been waiting for is here

The magnitude of the threat we are confronted should make you get up and move. It should make you feel invigorated. It should  make you embrace something and take it seriously. Anything – maybe you identify with one particular issue or another but the important thing is that you become awakened and involved. The revolution is finally here. It is real and is happening as you read this post (hopefully you’ve read it this far – in that case I’ll salute you). Let’s not waste this rare opportunity for change. Take something dear to your and work on it for the planet’s sake and your family of friend’s sake. We deserve much more. Good luck.

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