If Trump Doesn’t Pay any Taxes Why Should we?

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2017)

Be like the POTUS – let the stupid people pay taxes


I just can’t get over this white elephant. And I mean it is huge. To have integrity and pay their fair share is the pillar that support Americans and how they see themselves as people of a free world. I remember hearing in the past: “In this country you can get away with murder but you’ll get busted if you don’t pay your taxes”

When I first came to the United States from Brazil, this was the sort of talk which had a strong impression on me. It resonated well for a kid raised in a military coup type government. It gave me a sense of security. I felt that Americans were always on top of things and vigilant about of the most important social contract in the nation.

This was awesome news to me as a young person coming from Brazil in the 1970’s. This fact alone one of the biggest selling points on my decision to come and live in the United States. Not that I think paying taxes is the only best thing one can do, but there because there is a sense of integrity and security I’ve never seen before. Fast forward to 2017…

What da fuck happened to that!? We now have a known buffoon that goes up a podium and say he is smart because he never payed taxes. Instead of being arrested he gets elected President. Wow. Things do change. So we must change accordingly. It is all about following the example of the POTUS. In fact this is a prime characteristic of a developing nation or as we used to say – the third world countries. Let me try to explain what I mean.

In dictatorships around the world you’ll notice one common type behaviors. Disenfranchised people try to emulate the upper classes as if they were part of it, but just not quite there yet. They feel like by emulating the beautiful upper class they too will be like them in some way or another. They emulate the behavior of rich people even though they continue to be poor. They oppress the ones who are bellow then them just as the elite oppresses everyone else. We are beginning to see the same behaviors in the United States.

Trump’s world of luxury is creating a similar effect for this country. They think (Trump supporters) that if you behave like Trump, you’ll end up like Trump. The fact he inherited millions from his daddy does not come into account, unfortunately people forget this small detail.

So we should follow the steps of our great leader, be smart and don’t pay taxes. It makes perfect sense. We want to be like the rich and the rich will be awarded the largest tax brakes. So if we want to be rich stop paying taxes. It simply doesn’t matter anymore. And who needs the federal government anyways.

We are marching towards a private society anyways. All services will be privatized and our tax dollars will no longer be needed. So don’t feel guilty. By paying taxes you’ll simply be a sucker. let the stupid pay taxes. Smart and rich people don’t pay taxes.


Tax revolt remains the most powerful weapon of mass destruction people have ever known. Many civilizations in the past have vanished after engaging in tax revolt. We don’t even need to get there but only dally with the idea and see the changes taking place. Taxes are the basic glue keeping a society together. So for a president to stand there and say he is smart because he doesn’t pay taxes and refuse to show his tax returns – it is like hiring an arsonist to your insurance company.

If you don’t know how important tax rebellions have been in the past look at this list of historical acts of tax resistance. It will speak for itself. Good luck.

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