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We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately

Benjamin Franklin


The United States is arguably the most successful social political experiment of our times, and no other nation of the new world has accomplished so much, so quickly. But as with any experiment – it comes to an end. At least it’s safe to say America has arrived at a major cross roads and the way forward is unclear. America is fractured but this is nothing new. Unapologetic out of the closet love for stupidity is the new normal. This new attitude also indicates that Americans forgot who they were, and their role in the world.

A self identity crises now exist, leaving America idle and with a blurry vision for the future. Donald Trump did not instantly convert America into hate, racism, lying, cheating and division; I’m afraid the problem is a little deeper. Trump is simply a symptom of a trend building up for some time. But the worst byproduct of Trump’s age is the obliteration of vision and the distraction from important issues – the challenges of a changing world economy and serious environmental problems we all face. While we are amused arguing about the politics of the bizarre in Washington and the Trump Show, the world is puzzled by our loss of direction, leadership and commitment.

The conservative movement attempting to transform America into a little country with no vision is nothing short of economical suicide. The world wants clean energy, sustainability, innovation and a way to reduce the economic gap. The United States cannot be a world leader without addressing solutions to the world, but unfortunately we are choosing a different future.

When I first came to the United States in 1976, it was a life changing experience. Even taking stabs with my anemic English, I noticed a remarkable thing – people listened to what I said. I felt respected and credited for just being who I was. This was a turning point to a 17 year old kid who was just discovering America. Being from the Brasilian oppressive military regime of the 70’s, I was seduced by prospects and opportunities in the United States; simply because people gave me a chance. I thought America was great. I still enamored with this idea but I’m sad to notice many Americas are not.

My decision to migrate to the United States was in great part due to this little but enormously significant moment. But this was 1976; America is a quite different place in 2017, things have changed but America’s cultural influence still have a lot of punch. As long as the world looks up for the United States as a source of innovation, we may be still relevant. But how long will the world wait for something new?

The cultural footprint of America still formidable and undeniable. America’s promise of freedom was born with the nation, dating back before the 20th century. The oppressed and disenfranchised all hoped in escaping to America, and for a chance to begin anew. After the first WWI. America begin to export some of its cultural home grown products. Charles Chaplin, Jazz, Westerns were adored the world over. But after WWII, America’s influence went ballistic. Combining economic power of ginormous proportions with technological inventions everybody craved for; then top it all with sex drugs and rock’s roll and you have a – whoopee-ding-dong all the way to the bank thing. But this glory is fading rapidly as America is having trouble creating the future once again.


The United States ability to keep people dreaming the dream of prosperity has generated more wealth than any other product in the history of humanity



The United States continues to lead in many fronts but what America meant to the world in the past is quickly fading, or at best everything is on hold. This trend has accelerated since the 90’s. Let’s take Europe as a sample for what is happening in many parts of the world. A resurgence of pride among young people wanting to find cultural icons that represent who they are. At the same time the media industry in different parts of the world are catching up. America’s exclusive ability to produce high quality films, music and TV, can now be done anywhere, and better yet with more relevant cultural symbols.

The American dream is failing not only in the eyes of the world, but for Americans too. Americans feel confused and betrayed as they see their pay check shrink, their working hours increase, and their social services disappear. Americans feel increasingly powerless in misrepresented by their government, as they witness the growth of corporate lobbying going in and out of Washington while tax payers are left with no education, no health care and no meaningful jobs. Unfortunately, a large segment of the disenfranchised blame immigrants as they fail to identify the real problems.

The larger then life success of the United States is directly proportional to its ability to attract, inspire and retain people from all over the world. A big part of the American economy is owed to; immigrants bringing ideas; intellectual property exports, and by being a ideological model of hope. The United States ability to keep people dreaming the dream of prosperity has generated more wealth than any other product in the history of humanity. Americans are naive to think their world prestige couldn’t vanish. American’s war with itself might have already caused some damage. America need to heal, change, and continue to inspire the world.

Success follows money and the money follows success. Money goes where bright ideas are. But we now wake up to a new political and social reality – a fractured United States, one half wanting to go backward to an imaginary America where everyone is white and stupid. This division generate a vortex of anger and stall America’s leadership position in the world.

Now is the time to become more involved in the world and not to retreat. America doesn’t even know how to be a smaller self centered country. If we don’t rise to the occasion and aid the world in solving our most pressing problems, we’ll succumb as the world passes us by and grab all the opportunities we are letting go.

This is not time to discuss dividing the country in two. This is what losers do when they can’t confront their problems – they split. Dividing the country will never work and people might as well forget about it. This is a time we should stick together and share our wealth.

The time now is to open our borders even more and allow the creative minds and all people’s of the world and their dreams to come in. We have to continue to allow and facilitate creativity and innovation. It is time to think of green economies and closing the social and economic gaps. We have to continue to influence the world with our positivism and not let fear and destruction take hold in the form of protectionism, anti-immigrant sentiments.




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